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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3729 Free Novel

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In the end, that friend was quite annoyed with him, and even gradually broke off communication.

Qinghua knew very well that his friend, now also has been dying, he struggled all his life, with inexhaustible wealth, now the most he wanted, is to live a few more years.

So, seeing such a big change in himself, he was naturally moved.

He failed to give him an answer he wanted, his heart angry at himself, is also completely understandable.

Even Qinghua himself, because of the shame in his heart, has always felt ashamed to face him.

However, now that Qinghua can finally reveal the news, so the first thing he thought of was this friend!

This friend of Qinghua’s is named Douglas Fei.

Douglas smuggled himself into the United States at the age of 18 to make a living.

And until the time he retired at the age of 80, he had created a business empire worth at least 400 billion dollars, and was a legendary existence in the entire North American Chinese community.

However, this person in the Forbes list did not leave a half trace.

He is the super hidden wealthy that western high society often talks about.

Forbes list counts the funds, mostly the founders of some listed companies and major shareholders, only such people’s assets, it is difficult to hide.

For example, when the world’s richest long-term dominant Bill Gates, his Microsoft had chosen to go public, then the vast majority of Microsoft’s financial information must be open to the outside world.

Such as how much its corporate market value, the securities market can check the data at any time, and Bill Gates himself shareholding how much of Microsoft.

The securities market also has a public disclosure, so it is only necessary to simply do multiplication and division, you can know how much money he holds in the Microsoft stock value.

In addition, how many other listed companies under his name, basically are also public information, find out these companies, one by one, and then sum up a total, is his approximate value.

This kind of topic, even without Forbes, just a person who understands secondary school mathematics, can calculate it.

However, there is a large number of invisible tycoons in this world, although they have countless industries under their hands, but none of the enterprises will choose to go public.

The reason why they are not listed is that they do not want the outside world to know their identity and wealth.

Because, once the enterprise does not choose to go public, then he does not have any obligation to the outside world to disclose their revenue status, so the outside world simply has no way to know how much the enterprise is worth.

What’s more, most of them have their companies scattered in several offshore regions around the world, where the protection of corporate information is as strong as that of Swiss banks, so no one knows how much wealth they actually have.

Douglas when he was young, and this friendship has lasted for over sixty years.

In addition to his own hard work and ability, Fei’s success in the business world is also due to Lai’s guidance.

Over the past decades, the world has undergone many major changes, each representing a huge opportunity, and Fei has almost invariably reaped the dividends.

This also made his relationship with Qinghua even more inimical.

Douglas struggled until he retired at the age of eighty, and after he turned eighty, he searched the world for longevity.

His quest for longevity was not superstitious, but the achievements he made in his life were so brilliant that he could not leave, and he did not have the courage to face death.

In fact, many entrepreneurs who are as successful as he is, are trying every possible way to pursue long life.

Only, the way they pursue longevity is very different from the ancient emperors who sought immortality and medicine.