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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3726 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3726 Start

Duke Philip froze, and only after a moment did he ask in horror: “You …… were you not in a coma? But the news we received was that you have been in a heavy coma for several days, so …… sorry Your Majesty, I didn’t understand you ……”

The Queen said seriously: “Let’s put it this way, the outside world thought that I was in a coma because my body was no longer responsive,”

“But in fact, my body was just completely out of control of my consciousness, my consciousness was still functioning normally in my brain!”

“I could think, I could remember, I could hear the sounds around me, but I was as if sealed by the devil, I could not have any control over any part of my body, I was not even able to open my eyes ……”

Speaking of this, the queen said with a backward look, “That feeling, than being in hell, more helpless and painful ……”

The surrounding people heard this, one by one, their faces were full of fear.

They also thought about their future may be sick, may be seriously ill or even scattered.

But they had never thought that people would experience such loneliness and pain before they die.

Wouldn’t that be in the world, the loneliest person?

At this time, the empress said with a lot of emotion: “The Western medicine you have believed in for so many years, that is also the Western medicine I believed in for so many years before,”

“At the most critical moment of my life, they couldn’t even judge my state at that time, so you still think that Western medicine is the best and most advanced?”

All the people’s expressions were shocked beyond words.

Philip was also stunned, terrified and shattered: “In that case, those who we thought were brain dead vegetative people, it is likely that they are also in this state,”

“It is likely that their consciousness has been alive, and then alone in their own bodies for several years, even a dozen of years ……”

“Yes ……” said the Queen nodding: “I would never have thought of this level before, but when I had personal experience, my view is the same as yours.”

Saying that the Queen said further: “But I was in that desperate situation, I heard the truth that my other granddaughter, Olivia, joined forces with others to plot against me!”

“It was then that I realized that I was not seriously ill, but poisoned! A poison that no one knew about and that no one could cure!”

“If it wasn’t for my good granddaughter Helena, who saved me with the divine medicine she brought back from China after all the hard work, I might still be confined in my own body to this day, waiting for the final descent to death ……”

Hearing this, many people became convinced of the Queen’s words.

Because, the royal family three days ago, had issued a public announcement, the announcement said, Olivia Iliad, for with her fiancé, William Rothschild family, because of the joint plot to kill the Queen, has been ruled by the royal family.

While the royal family also announced to officially fly out Olivia Iliad’s succession to the throne, while giving it to Helena Iliad.

Everyone at first did not quite understand why the Queen’s serious illness was related to Olivia’s departure, and why the throne was suddenly given to Helena, who had long been disinherited.

Now, they finally put it all together.

The Queen is seriously ill, in fact, Olivia’s case, and Helena was able to regain the succession, all because of her rescue!

At this point, the Queen continued: “As for why I firmly believe in this oriental medicine, it is because, the moment I took the medicine, consciousness immediately regained control of the body,”

“And long-term poisoning produced by those toxic side effects, but also in an instant swept away, that moment for me, simply a shift from hell to heaven.”

Speaking of this, the queen looked at Philip with a dull expression and asked him, “Philip, after listening to me, do you still have no doubt about Western medicine?”

Philip said with a bewildered face: “I …… I can’t say …… although I don’t have any doubts about you, but I still feel that all this is indeed a bit unbelievable, I can’t accept it for a while ……”

The Queen smiled slightly and said, “Never mind, this kind of miracle is like a miracle manifestation, indeed only those who experienced it can possibly believe.”

Speaking of this, the empress smiled heartily and said with a grateful face, “Perhaps this also means that I am more favored by God than you all, Jesus once said that only those who believe are able to witness miracles!”

At this moment, an elderly male royalty excitedly asked out of the blue, “Your Majesty, if it is true, as you just said, that there is such a miraculous oriental medicine in this world,”

“Then I dare to ask you, can you give me a quarter of it, or sell it to me, my beloved wife is suffering from a terminal illness, the doctor said she only has six months to live ……”

The queen shook her head and said apologetically, “I’m sorry Malvin, Helena only brought back a quarter of the rejuvenation pill, although I would love to help you, but I can’t help ……”