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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3725 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3725 Start

At this moment, listen to the empress said: “I have been seriously ill, the whole of the top experts here had announced that I will not live more than a month,”

“And this last month I was unlikely to wake up, but my good granddaughter Helena, from distant China, brought me a quarter of the rejuvenation pill ……”

Speaking of this, the Queen with an exclamation and aggravated the tone, repeated: “Just a quarter of a pill ah! It is less than the size of a bean!”

“It brought me back to life! The doctor examined my body and said I could live at least five more years! This is the most amazing thing I’ve ever encountered in my life!”

“If it wasn’t for the fact that this miracle medicine came from faraway China, I would even think it was God’s gift to me ……”

The Queen’s voice was not very loud when she said this, but these words, like an explosive thunder, triggered a roar in the church!

The Western countries that believe in modern medicine, almost all Eastern medicines, are naturally looked at with a few questions and resistance.

And these Western dignitaries have enjoyed all the benefits of modern Western medicine.

Their doctors are almost all top figures in the field of medicine, and the latest, best and most expensive drugs in the world are basically provided to them as a matter of priority.

It is also because they have enjoyed so many advantages, so their basic knowledge of Western medicine is also very deep and clear.

Suddenly hearing the Queen herself say that an oriental miracle drug, only a quarter of a pill, will be able to bring her back to life.

And even the doctor said he could live at least five more years, everyone’s first thought was that this is too ridiculous to believe.

However, seeing the Queen’s body so healthy standing in front of her, everyone’s heart and a few questions about themselves occurred.

“Could …… this Oriental miracle medicine really be so miraculous?”

After all, when the Nordic Queen was seriously ill, they all through their own channels, to understand the specific condition of her.

But also all know that her condition on the Western medical basis had been hopeless, impossible to pass this hurdle.

But now, she is standing here healthy, this is the best proof that she is not lying.

Duke Philip was curious and asked, “Your Majesty, I would like to know this rejuvenating elixir you just mentioned, what kind of disease is it a medicine for?”

The Queen said solemnly, “Philip, the rejuvenation elixir is a divine medicine, and since it is a divine medicine, of course, it can cure any disease.

Just like the Bible says that holy water can wash away all evil!”

Duke Philip said awkwardly: “But …… but this logic it is not scientific ah …… we all know that this modern medicine, the vast majority of drugs are specialized drugs to treat specific diseases.”

“Of course, there are a few drugs that can treat a variety of diseases, like the aspirin known as a panacea, but even aspirin, it can not cure all diseases ah ……”

Philip’s words sparked a flurry of agreement from others.

Because in their inherent perception, there can not exist a drug that can cure all diseases, generally speaking, one who can say such words, is either a magician or a liar.

The Queen, in the face of Duke Philip’s questioning, smiled slightly and said with a heavy hand: “Philip, I know you believe in science and modern medicine, how was I ever not the same as you?”

Said, the queen sighed, lamented: “Do you know how painful I was during my serious illness?”

“Everyone thought I had lost consciousness and was in a coma, and even the best medical team of our royal family gave the same result after testing with the best instruments, but you know what? I was actually not in a coma at all!”

When the crowd heard this, they were all even more confused!