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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3714 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3714 Start

Charlie instructed him, “Solid Gold Life Renewing Pill must be boiled into a medicinal soup, then the medicinal soup will be air-dried and prepared into powder.”

“After the powder is made, send it to me to the Champs-Elysees Hot Spring Villa, where I will make the medicinal powder into JX Reclaiming Pills.”

After that, Charlie said: “When these Pills are made, you take it the first time to the United States,”

“You must find a way to meet the person directly responsible for drug import approval,”

“Give the JX Reclaiming Pills into the hands of the party, if the other party is still oil and salt,”

“Put the word to him, if you do not let the other drugs of JX Pharmaceutical smoothly enter the U.S. market, then JX Reclaiming Pills will be completely kept away from the U.S. market.”

Liang asked, “Master Wade, if they agree to give the green light to JX Pharmaceutical’s other drugs in exchange for JX Reclaiming Pills to be marketed in the U.S.,”

“What should we do? After all, as you said, it is also difficult to achieve the real sense of mass production of JX Reclaiming Pills ……”

Charlie laughed: “Do not worry about this, then say that our production process is very tedious and complex, has not been able to find a breakthrough point,”

“So can not achieve mass production, then give them a few hundred or thousands of boxes each year to mean, think they can not say anything.”

Liang immediately said respectfully, “I understand, Master Wade, don’t worry, I will go back later and arrange a trial production, and call you first after it is made!”

“I will personally take it to the United States when the JX Reclaiming Pill is finished!”

After saying that, Liang looked at the time and said with some impatience, “Master Wade, if you have nothing else to order, then I will go back to the factory and arrange the work now!”

“Good.” Charlie nodded in satisfaction and said, “Then you hurry up and get busy, I won’t keep you.”

“Okay Master Wade! I’ll take my leave first!”

Liang put the prescription away carefully and hurriedly bid farewell to leave.

After Liang left, Issac said to Charlie, “Young master, during this period of time, Liang’s progress is visible to the nak3d eye,”

“Not only is his work logical and organized, but his whole person also seems more and more confident, compared to the previous Liang who was obsequiously following Barena Wei’s side, it’s a world of difference.”

Charlie nodded his head and smiled, and said approvingly, “Liang had been in the Wei family for so many years and he was lying down and enduring humiliation, now that he has such a good opportunity, he will naturally burst out with stronger motivation.”

At this time, Orvel’s phone received a push from a news app, and subconsciously said offhand: “Young master, the news said, that Helena, will soon hold a coronation ceremony!”

The words just fell, Charlie and Issac’s cell phones, also received multiple pushes one after another.

These tweets were almost all sent from the country’s major news platforms and Internet platforms, and the content and title were almost the same: “The new Nordic empress Helena Iliad will soon be officially unveiled at the Royal Palace!”

Only then did Charlie realize that Helena, who was far away in Northern Europe, should soon take a carriage and go from the palace to the cathedral to receive the coronation!

And Helena, as the first new empress to ascend the throne in the past thirty years, so the world’s attention, even in China, there are many netizens eagerly waiting.

After all, it is not often that an empress as young and beautiful as Helena is seen in history, so she is very desirable in both looks and status.

It is for this reason that her coronation ceremony today has received the eager attention of the world.