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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3702 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3702 Start

Afterward, Joseph took most of the Cataclysmic Front soldiers and hurriedly left Shangri-La, and headed for the airport.

Charlie’s Boeing business jet was ready to take off and would fly directly to Sana, the capital of Yemen.

Liam, who stayed behind, and more than ten other soldiers, were unified by Issac and checked into the Shangri-La administration building.

Charlie called Melba and told her about Joseph’s request for the cargo ship. Although Melba did not know exactly what Charlie was going to do, she said that she would immediately arrange for that cargo ship to enter the shipyard and finish the transformation in the fastest possible time.

When the communication was finished, it was already noon, so Issac asked Charlie: “Young master, do you have any other arrangements for noon?”

Charlie shook his head: “There are no more arrangements, for now, I plan to meet Warnia in the afternoon and touch on the auction.”

Issac looked at the time and said, “Young master, why don’t you eat at Shangri-La at noon, I’ll have them arrange lunch now.”

“Let’s go to Classic Mansion.” Charlie said indifferently, “The food made by a big hotel like yours, no matter how exquisite it is, it can’t avoid the smell of a big pot of rice.”

Issac was busy saying, “Then I’ll prepare the car and say hello to Orvel by the way, let’s go to Classic Mansion.”

Charlie instructed, “Right, make a call to call Liang over, I have something to say to him.”

“Okay!” Issac nodded and busily said, “Young master, then please move to the Sky Garden first, I’ll make the arrangements.”

During this period of time, Charlie did not ask much more about the operation of JX Pharmaceutical, everything was left in Liang’s hands, and he himself was more at ease.

However, right now, he wanted to speed up the development of JX Pharmaceutical, so this time, he wants to meet Liang with the intention of giving him one or two new prescriptions, so that he could hurry up the preparation of new drugs.

Soon, Issac informed Orvel, and then drove the car himself, driving Charlie to Classic Mansion.

Charlie had just gotten into the car when his cell phone rang, and the caller was Zhiyu.

Charlie picked up the phone and asked her with a smile, “Why is Miss Su calling me at this time?”

Zhiyu said in a respectful tone on the other end of the phone, “Grace, I am calling because I wanted to report something to you.”

“Yesterday, Grandpa announced the decision for me to take over as the head of the Su family,”

“And this morning, the general meeting of all shareholders was held at the Su Group, announcing my appointment as the chairman of the Su Group, and I have now officially taken over the Su family.”

Charlie laughed: “Then I really have to congratulate you! At a young age, you have become the head of the Su family! It’s really congratulatory!”

Zhiyu said respectfully, “All thanks to your help, without your help, I would have died in Kyoto on that snowy night ……”

Charlie said seriously: “Do not go back to those old calendars, you are now the head of the Su family, in charge of a large group with a market value of more than a trillion,”

“If you still always have a grateful heart, it is difficult to sit firmly in this position.”

Zhiyu also said with the same seriousness: “Grace, besides the kindness of my parents, I am only grateful to you.”