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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3692 Free Novel

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The only two who did not kneel down on one knee were the white-clothed Tiger King Harmen, who had already been invalidated by Charlie, and the Green-eyed Wolf King Walter, whose consciousness had been sealed by him.

Charlie nodded in satisfaction, reached out to help Joseph up, and said, “All of you brothers don’t need to perform this big salute, get up.”

As Joseph got up, the others also stood up one after another.

Charlie looked at Joseph and asked him, “How is the aftermath of your parents being handled?”

Joseph said to Charlie with a grateful face, “Mr. Wade, thanks to your noble hand, the coffins of my parents were reburied yesterday in a cemetery in the west mountain of Eastcliff, thank you for your concern!”

Charlie nodded slightly and said seriously: “Since your parents have been reburied, don’t toss them again in the future, and remember to pay respects at their graves every year.”

Speaking here, Charlie sighed, with some melancholy said: “In fact, my situation is very similar to yours, the past nearly 20 years, I was not able to go back to my parents’ graves to pay respects because of the identity problem,”

“These 20 years I have been very ashamed and self-reproaching, I believe that this feeling you also have a personal experience, I hope you can try to make up for it in the future. “

Joseph nodded repeatedly and said ashamedly, “What Mr. Wade said is true, when I was overseas these years, whenever there was a Qingming Festival and the anniversary of my parent’s death,”

“I suffered a lot and blamed myself, so I will definitely not make the same mistake again in the future.”

Charlie gave a hmph and asked him, “Have the members of the Cataclysmic Front that I sent to Northern Europe returned yet?”

“Not yet.” Joseph was busy saying, “They have safely delivered those three to Syria Hamid an hour ago, and should have started their return journey by now.”

“Good.” Charlie said, “Since we are talking about Syria, I have an idea that I want to exchange with you.”

Joseph said without hesitation, “Mr. Wade, whatever you have to do, you don’t need to consult your subordinates, no matter what kind of decision you make, your subordinates will obey 100%!”

Charlie waved his hand: “This matter concerns the future development of the Cataclysmic Front, so I not only need to consult you, but also the other Cataclysmic Front members.”

Saying that, Charlie added: “What I want to talk to you about is the question of which direction the Cataclysmic Front should go next.”

Joseph immediately said respectfully, “Please speak, Mr. Wade, your subordinates are listening!”

Charlie nodded and said seriously: “Cataclysmic Front has long been mixed with the world’s war-torn countries and regions, fighting the war to seek more money, not caring for right and wrong,”

“for so many years will inevitably have some aiding and abetting behavior, so although the Front’s reputation outside is not a good one.”

Speaking of this, Charlie gave a slight beating and continued, “Now, your Cataclysmic Front has all come under my banner, the road ahead is long, and I do not want to see you being spurned by the world in the future,”

“So I hope that the Cataclysmic Front can complete the transformation as soon as possible and gradually clean up itself.”

Joseph said without hesitation, “Mr. Wade, what you said, I have also had similar ideas for a long time, but there are many members under the command of Cataclysmic Front,”

“and the expenses are huge, with my ability, I have never thought of how to lead everyone to smooth transformation, I wonder what good ideas you have, Mr. Wade?”

Charlie said seriously: “My current idea is divided into three directions, the first, is to abandon all the crooked ways, to do reasonable and legal justice mercenaries;”

“the second, is engaged in shipping security, to ensure the safe passage of merchant ships in pirate-ridden areas;”

“the third, is engaged in team project security, developed countries as well as developing countries in the third world infrastructure projects to provide overall security services.”

Saying that, Charlie gave the summary of last night’s discussion with Philip regarding several directions, one by one to the crowd.

Among them, the second point of shipping security in particular was the main one.

It was because Charlie intended to find a way to let the Cataclysmic Front establish a base in Syria, using Syria as the main backbone to support their future work of escorting shipping in the Gulf of Aden.

Once they heard that they would be transformed to defend global merchant ships and the infrastructure projects of various countries in the third world in the future, the members of the Cataclysmic Front were also vaguely excited.

This kind of work was not only reasonable and legal, but even had a very positive effect on society, which was a huge difference from the previous business direction of the Cataclysmic Front.

Joseph was also excited, he had always wanted to have the Cataclysmic Front whitewashed, but had never found a direction, but after hearing Charlie’s words, he felt a bright light.

So, he hurriedly asked Charlie: “Mr. Wade, the reputation of Cataclysmic Front before was really not very good, do you think if we transform to do shipping security as well as project security, the customers can buy it?”

Charlie laughed: “ISU Shipping has already received an injection of ten billion euros, and will then become the world’s top shipping company, at that time, I will give all the shipping security work to the Front,”

“As long as you can take this opportunity to make a name for yourself in the Gulf of Aden, customers are absolutely willing to accept your protection.”

“As for the security of the third world infrastructure projects, I have asked an elder to help connect, according to him, overseas demand in this area is very much, by then I’m afraid you Cataclysmic Front will be too busy!”