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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3691 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3691 Start

Elaine was overjoyed, one gold brick in one hand, happily sitting on the sofa like a non-invertible person swaying left and right.

When Claire saw her like this, she was helpless, and finally, she could only remind her, “Mom! You can’t sell this gold brick secretly!”

Elaine was busy agreeing and said, “Don’t worry, I won’t sell it!”

Claire let out a long sigh and said to Charlie, “Honey, I suggest you go to the bank tomorrow to rent a safe deposit box and put all these gold bars in the bank, it’s not very safe to put them at home after all.”

Elaine got angry and said discontentedly, “Claire, you’ve been insinuating me here all night, is your mother so unreliable in your eyes?”

“Charlie these gold bars in the house, I can still steal what is it?”

Claire said: “Mom, I do not mean …… I think so many gold bars in the house, in case of theft, it is not safe ……”

After saying that, she added: “Your two pieces, I suggest you also deposit it in the bank, if you really want to work out, tomorrow I will buy you a pair of ladies dumbbells.”

“I don’t!” Elaine hugged the two gold bricks and muttered, “I’m going to use them and put them under my pillow at night when I go to sleep!”

At this time, Charlie gave a wink to Claire and said, “Okay, Claire, Mom likes what she likes, so don’t worry about it!”

That night, Elaine’s hands never left the two gold bricks that Charlie gave her.

And because the Imperial Hotel project has entered a critical stage, Claire has been very busy these days.

When Charlie came back, he took the initiative to take up the job of driving her to and from work again.

The next morning, he sent her to the construction site of the Imperial Hotel, and then received a phone call from Issac.

On the phone, Issac told him that Joseph had already brought nearly 100 members of the Cataclysmic Front to the Shangri-La Hotel.

After hearing this, Charlie asked Issac, “Mr. Issac, has the administration building been cleared?”

Issac busily said, “Back to Young Master, it was emptied overnight last night, and the original occupants were compensated with double rooms for free, and they were arranged to other buildings.”

“That’s good.” Charlie was satisfied and instructed, “In this way, you tell Joseph and the others to wait for me in the report room of the administration building first, I’ll come over there.”

“Okay Young Master!”

The executive building of Shangri-La, which itself was for large business banquets as well as high-end business meetings, not only had a large number of high-end rooms, but also a huge report hall as well as numerous meeting rooms.

Among them, the size of the lecture hall was enough to support an indoor conference of one or two thousand people.

Charlie asked Issac to empty the administrative building, which was intended to be used as the headquarters base of the Cataclysmic Front in China in the future.

Driving to Shangri-La, Issac was already waiting outside the lobby, and when he saw Charlie coming, he personally opened the car door for him and led him to the report hall of the administration building.

At this moment, nearly a hundred members of the TCataclysmic Front were sitting neatly inside, each with an expression of complete steadfastness.

Issac pushed the door of the report hall open, and when Charlie stepped in, Joseph immediately stood up reflexively.

Immediately after that, the remaining nearly one hundred members also stood up, looking at Charlie who entered with great strides in awe.

When Charlie arrived in front of them, Joseph took the lead and knelt down on one knee, clasped his hands and raised his fist above his head, saying respectfully,

“Mr. Wade, I am leading the eighty-eight members of the Cataclysmic Front to listen to your orders in Aurous Hill!”

The other members behind him also knelt on one knee and said in unison, “At your service, Mr. Wade!”