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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3690 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3690 Start

Charlie took out another piece, Elaine was even more excited: “Oh my God, three pieces!”

Immediately after ……

“Oops, four pieces ……”

“Mom, there’s more, huh? This is the fifth piece, right ……”

Every time Charlie took out a gold brick, Elaine was dancing with excitement, that look like the old goblin who finally waited for the meat of the monk.

After Charlie took out all ten gold bricks and formed them into two rows, Elaine stared at the pile of gold bricks with wide eyes and asked excitedly, “Good son-in-law, is there more?”

“No more.” Charlie said indifferently, “A total of ten pieces were given, estimated to be worth about four million.”

“Holy cow!” Elaine happily exclaimed: “If you want to say this 4 million alone, it seems to be moderate, not too little, but not too much ……”

The first thing you need to do is to get your hands on a gold brick and say, “But if you want to replace the 4 million with gold, it’s really quite a shock! This gold glittering look, but also too festive!”

Charlie nodded and said, “I originally wanted to exchange it for cash and bring it back, but then I thought, there is no reserve of precious metals at home, so I might as well treat these ten gold bricks as savings at home, it can also carry through the inflation.”

Elaine nodded repeatedly and said with approval, “That’s right! Now housing prices are not going up, stocks are falling like dogs, and the price of gold is relatively firm!”

Saying that, somewhat embarrassed to look at Charlie, laughing she said: “Good son-in-law, you see mom has never played with gold bricks in her life, this thing shiny and heavy, feel quite good, why don’t you give me a piece, so that I can play with it when I have nothing to do?”

Claire listened to it with laughter and said: “Mom, you see you have nothing to do with the gold plate ……”

Elaine said with a righteous face: “Have not heard people say? All things can be coiled! This big gold brick, nothing to hold in your hand as a dumbbell can also strengthen the body!”

Charlie immediately laughed: “Mom you are right, you can hold it as a dumbbell for fun!”

Once Elaine heard this, she happily hugged the gold brick in her arms and said happily, “Thank you, my good son-in-law!”

Claire said: “Mom, this is the reward for Charlie, you should not take it just like that ……”

Elaine discontentedly muttered, “Claire, this is a gift from Charlie to Mom, it is Charlie’s heart, why are you always spoiling the fun here ……”

Claire seriously said, “I’m not spoiling the fun, I’m afraid you’ll do something demonic again ……”

Charlie persuaded Claire on the side: “Okay, Claire, Mom likes it, so let her take it to play, you do not worry.”

Elaine, holding the gold brick, said to Claire: “Claire, Charlie is fine with it, you should not nag here.”

After saying that, her eyes turned, looking at Charlie, smiling and said: “Charlie ah …… my good son-in-law …… that …… mother has to discuss a matter with you?”

Charlie to Elaine’s routine, has long been familiar with, he did not wait for her to showdown, then directly asked her: “Mom, you want to say that only one dumbbell is not convenient, there must be two, one in each hand for appropriate exercise?”

Elaine slapped her thigh and said excitedly, “Good son-in-law, you still understand me best! You say this dumbbell, it is not a pair right?”

“One in each hand so alternating up and down is called fitness, I only have one, maybe after a while one arm will be thick, one arm thin ……”

Charlie nodded, directly picked up another gold brick, to her arms, said readily: “Come! Take this away! Both of them! All for you!”