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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3684 Free Novel

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Charlie did not answer, because he was afraid that even if he deliberately changed his voice, it would be heard by Claire.

Doris just happened to come out behind Claire at this time, as soon as she heard her secretary mention the word young master, she hurriedly asked, “Silvia, what’s going on?”

The secretary was busy saying, “Vice director, the young master is here, he said he is looking for you for something, but ……”

Doris hurriedly waved her hand at her and said, “Okay I know, you go ahead and get busy, I’ll go see the young master after sending off Ms. Willson.”

Although the secretary felt that Doris’s attitude was a bit strange, but her professionalism made her ask nothing and immediately said dryly, “Okay Vice Director, then I’ll go and get busy first.”

After saying that, she turned around and left.

Doris sighed with relief, adjusted her state, and said to Claire, “Ms. Willson, let’s go first.”

Claire asked her in a low voice with some curiosity, “Ms. Doris, the young master that Silvia mentioned just now should be the chairman of your Emgrand Group, right?”

Doris could only nod and say, “That’s right, it’s our chairman.”

Claire asked again, “I seem to have heard someone talk about it before, he seems to be the young master of a big family in Eastcliff?”

“Right.” Doris laughed: “But our young master is relatively low-key, there is not much news about him in the outside world.”

Claire gently nodded, before, she was very curious about the actual identity of the chairman of the Empire Group.

After the Empire Group helped her several times, and even signed a cooperation agreement with her, she even sometimes had an illusion, always felt that this chairman of the Empire Group, seemed to have some kind of mysterious relationship with her husband Charlie.

However, whenever she had this thought, she quickly denied herself this speculation.

After all, she knows Charlie’s origin very well, he has been an orphan since childhood, his life can be said to be very poor, it is impossible to have any overlap with the young master of the great families of Eastcliff.

But she suddenly felt in her heart: “Just now I glimpsed the figure, physical outline including height, seems to be very similar to my husband ……”

In doubt, Claire can not help but comfort herself: “Claire ah Claire, you really think too much, just now that figure is very similar to Charlie, but what can that explain? You’d better not catch the wind here.”

So thinking of this, she did not continue to speculate more, but opened her mouth and said to Doris: “Young vice director, since the chairman is here, you do not need to send me off, I can go by myself.”

Doris smiled and said, “I’d better walk you to the elevator.”

After saying that, she made an invitation gesture and said, “Ms. Willson, please.”

Claire had no choice but to step outside, and when she passed by the meeting room, she paused for a moment, curious about the chairman of the Emgrand Group inside.

After all, it’s been so long, no one in the outside world knows who the chairman of the largest enterprise in Aurous Hill, the Empire Group, really is.

Claire also wants to know the true identity of the chairman, or rather, wants to see what this low-profile person is really like.

When Doris saw her stop her figure, she hurriedly asked, “What’s wrong with you, Ms. Willson?”

Claire came back to her senses and busily said, “Oh, nothing …… Let’s go ……”

Doris was relieved in her heart, and only then did she come to the elevator together with Claire.

She did not dare to make any mistakes, so she saw with her own eyes that Claire got on the elevator, and the elevator had started to run down.

Then finally relieved, turned to call her secretary and explained: “From now on, no one is allowed to come up to this floor, you hear me?”

The secretary hurriedly said, “Yes, I understand, I will guard the entrance of the elevator, you can rest assured.”

“Good.” Doris nodded in satisfaction and hurriedly went to the meeting room.

At this moment, Charlie could not help but have palpitations in the conference room.

Just now, if Claire had come out a second earlier, he would have had nowhere to hide within that corridor.

If it was a head-on collision, even if Doris and her secretary would not say anything, there was no way to explain this to Claire.

Obviously, he had gone to Eastcliff to see the feng shui of a client, how come he returned to Aurous Hill without saying anything, and he also came directly to Emgrand Group to look for Doris?

So, Charlie’s heart is extraordinarily glad that fortunately, she didn’t find out!