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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 368 Free Novel

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After that, he opened the gasoline tank and said to Jianjun Gao next to him: “Dad, I think I will pour the gasoline in through the rolling shutter, let the gasoline be fully spread inside, and then make a fire outside to ensure that there are even cockroaches inside can’t live!”

Jianjun Gao nodded, snorted coldly, and said, “Okay! Burn them to death!”

Although Jianjun Gao’s strength is not top-notch in Aurous Hill, it is not top-notch, but when it comes to doting on his son, he is really the number one in Aurous Hill.

This old grandson’s ancestors have been singles for several generations. He has given birth to several daughters in a row, and he has such a baby bump as Junwei Gao. Naturally, he has been spoiled and spoiled since childhood.

When Junwei Gao was in elementary school, he was beaten with a ruler on the palm by his teacher’s hand because of his poor study and class trouble. Jianjun Gao took someone to the school and broke the teacher’s right arm, leaving him disabled for life

When Junwei Gao was in junior high school, he suffered a lot from fighting with others at school. Jianjun Gao directly hired someone to knock his classmate who beat his son into a vegetable;

Such examples are countless in Junwei Gao’s growth process.

In the eyes of Jianjun Gao, anyone who bullies his son will end up dead.

Tianqi wouldn’t heal his son’s legs, d*mn it!

That Charlie actually harmed his son to look like what he is today, even more d*mn it!

Therefore, he planned to burn Tianqi to death today, and then according to the planned plot tomorrow, he would kill Charlie!

Fredmen Willson saw that the two of them were really going to set fire to Tianqi’s Clinic, and might even burn Tianqi to death. Suddenly he became anxious, and he did not hesitate to jump out and say to the two of them: “Two! impulse!”

Gao father and son were shocked!

They had thought that no one would notice them at night, but suddenly a person would come out.

When Junwei Gao was shocked, he also recognized Fredmen Willson, and said in surprise: “Are you the one who came to see Tianqi before? Why, are you going to help him?”

Fredmen Willson hurriedly waved his hand and said: “I don’t care about Tianqi’s life or death! But his magical medicine is worn close to his body. I believe his magical medicine can not only heal your legs, but also my injuries. If you burn him with such a fire, then his magical medicine must be burned too!”

Junwei Gao suddenly realized!

Yes indeed!

I didn’t expect it!

Tianqi really has a magical medicine, and that magical medicine can cure even high-level paraplegia with spinal injury, let alone his lame leg.

If he burned him to death with fire, wouldn’t there be no chance to heal the lame leg?

Thinking of this, he suddenly hesitated.

Fredmen Willson said at this time: “Two people, I don’t think so, don’t burn the old dog’s shop first, find a way to tie up the old dog, then grab his medicine, and finally kill him! “

Jianjun Gao frowned and asked, “Why, you also an enemy of Shi?”

“Of course there is a grudge!” Fredmen Willson said coldly: “And it’s an unshakable hatred! I also want to kill him quickly, but first I have to get the magic medicine to cure the disease!”

Jianjun Gao said: “In this case, it’s better for us to tie Shi together and force him to hand over the magical medicine, and then kill him alive!”

“Okay.” Fredmen Willson nodded and said, “In this case, let’s leave contact information. Let’s find a time tomorrow. Let’s meet to discuss the details!”