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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3678 Free Novel

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Saying that, Charlie added: “From now on, stop selling all of the executive building of Shangri-La and leave the whole building, I have other uses for it.”

“Okay.” Issac nodded without hesitation and said, “Then I will inform the management in a moment and immediately take down these rooms in all channels.”

Charlie gave a hmph and said, “When Joseph arrives, let the people from Cataclysmic Front stay there first, and also leave a suite for Ruoli, and vacate twenty more rooms for me to do business hospitality,”

“And let those professional managers from the Wade Family come to Aurous Hill to report to me regularly in the future.”

“Okay young master.” Issac busily said, “I will immediately coordinate to replace all the staff of the administration building with my people, and at the same time strengthen the security management to strictly prevent outsiders from entering.”

“Mm.” Charlie nodded and added: “When Joseph comes, I will ask him to draw a five-star commander from Cataclysmic Front and another thirty well-trained men to come over, then let them form a flexible and mobile security team here in the city under your command,”

“The team under your hands, loyalty is enough but combat power is still a bit weak, with their supplement, the overall strength will see a qualitative improvement.”

Issac respectfully said, “Yes, young master! When the time comes, I will also take this opportunity to have the people of the Cataclysmic Front help us cultivate some more talents out!”

At this time, there was a knock at the door as well as a young woman’s voice: “Mr. Issac, Mr. Qin of the Qin family, and Mr. White of the White family want to see you.”

Issac said with some surprise, “How come Qin Gang and Solmon White are looking for you at this time?”

After saying that, he looked at Charlie and opened his mouth to ask: “Young master, do you think you want to meet them?”

“Sure.” Charlie nodded and said, “People have come looking for us, how can we avoid them.”

Issac was busy saying to the female secretary at the door, “Bring the people here.”

“Okay, Mr. Issac.”

A few moments later, the female secretary went and returned, and with her, there were two people, Qin Gang and Solmon White.

As soon as they entered, they saw Charlie and Orvel both sitting on the sofa, and they couldn’t help but be surprised.

Qin Gang asked, “Master Wade, you are here too?”

Charlie laughed: “I heard that something happened to Mr. Issac’s old boss, so as soon as he came back, I also rushed over to take a look.”

Qin Gang and Solmon suddenly realized.

In fact, the two of them were also here for this purpose.

They had heard that something big had happened to the Wade family, and Issac was not in Aurous Hill, so they thought that he must have gone to Eastcliff too.

The two of them are of the same mind.