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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3674 Free Novel

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were a lot ……”

Charlie said vaguely, “They are friends …… ordinary friends ……”

Sara’s face beamed with yes I believe you ghost kind of expression: “I declare in advance, I am not jealous, whoever in the future want to be your woman, or be jealous, they can sooner or later sour themselves to death.”

Charlie sweated for a while, hurriedly changed the subject, and asked her, “Right Sara, when are you going overseas?”

Sara saw him change the subject, and did not continue to aggressively, so followed his words:

“The beginning of next month, first to Canada, Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto and Ottawa, and then from Canada to the south to the United States.”

“The first stop is New York, then from the East Coast to the west, Chicago, Houston, and then to the West Coast, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Probably tour North America for about a month, and then go to Europe after that.”

After saying that, she looked at Charlie with bewildered eyes and said with an aggrieved face, “Charlie, once I start my overseas tour, I may not see you for two or three months ……”

Charlie said comfortingly, “It’s important for you to work, besides it’s a farewell concert, after this tour, you will be able to stay in Eastcliff.”

Sara nodded and said, “After officially quitting the entertainment industry, I will have to go to Gu’s Group to take over.”

After saying that, she looked at Charlie and said with a smile, “Charlie, I have already thought about it, after I take over, I will first invest in several projects in Aurous Hill, then I will run to Aurous Hill for three days, will you welcome me then?”

Charlie laughed: “Okay, as long as you are willing, you’re definitely welcome!”

Sara said: “Then we can say so, when the time comes, you do not dislike me because I go old, moreover, not allowed to avoid seeing me.”

“Okay ……” Charlie only had to agree to it.

Sara satisfied, drove all the way to the airport hangar, Philip’s gifted Charlie’s private plane is parked here, next door to the Concorde passenger plane has taken off again to Northern Europe.

This time back to Aurous Hill, in addition to Liona who is to go back with Charlie’s, Orvel and Issac also ran over to take the plane back.

When Charlie arrived at the airport, they had been there for half a day. Liona was standing next to the boarding car with a small suitcase, while Orvel and Issac were standing at the door of the hangar quietly smoking.

A staff member kindly reminded, “You two, in the hangar area it is strictly prohibited to smoke and fire ……”

Orvel disdainfully waved his hand: “The two big engines on the plane do not need the ignition to go? It is fine, what problem these two broken cigarette butts can have?”

The staff said awkwardly, “Sir, this is not a nature ah ……”

Orvel smacked his lips and said, “Tsk …… I say if you have a tendency to it? Turn your face away and pretend you didn’t see it. Won’t that work?”

Issac stuffed his cigarette into his half-drunk mineral water bottle, patted Orvel’s shoulder, and spoke, “All right, don’t make it difficult for others, put out the cigarette.”

Although Orvel was a little upset, but did not say anything, the cigarette was also thrown in.

At this time, Charlie came to the hangar door by car, the two saw Charlie coming, hurriedly stood up straight, respectfully waiting.

As soon as the car was stable, Orvel hurriedly went forward, pulled open the passenger door, and respectfully said to Charlie, “Young Master, you’re here!”

Charlie frowned and said, “Orvel, don’t you always call me Master Wade? Why did you change your title?”