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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 367 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 367 Start

Fredmen Willson shivered in shock at what his mother said.

Because he offended that pauper Charlie, not only did he not save him, but he wanted to make a clean break with his family?

This old thing was blinded by Charlie’s medicine, right? !

He was full of resentment, but he could only say to Bihua Willson: “Mom, that old dog with the surname Shi is not a good thing!”

Bihua Willson gritted her teeth and cursed: “I don’t care what you do. On my eighty-fourth birthday, Tianqi must come to Eastcliff to check my body and diagnose and treat my problems. Otherwise, I will not forgive you!”

Many people are more selfish as they get older.

The older you are, the more you are afraid of death, and the more you want to live longer. Therefore, Bihua Willson doesn’t want to know why Fredmen Willson and Tianqi are in conflict. She just wants Tianqi to continue to be a health doctor for herself.

With him as a health doctor, it is no problem to live to be over ninety years old, but without him, she may not even be able to pass this year’s hurdle.

Fredmen Willson was also depressed. He wanted to explain and complain, but Bihua Willson didn’t give him a chance at all. After giving the order hard, she immediately hung up the phone.

Fredmen Willson smashed the room angrily, and then finally gritted her teeth and picked up the phone to call Tianqi, trying to use repentance and pleading to ask him to continue to see his mother.

But Tianqi’s cell phone was turned off.

This made Fredmen Willson even more angry.

But no way, he dared not disobey his mother’s orders, so he dressed in embarrassment, went downstairs, and drove to Tianqi’s Clinic.

When the car arrived at the gate of the Clinic, it was already closed.

Fredmen Willson gritted his teeth at the door but saw two figures walking out of the darkness not far away.

One of them limped and seemed a bit familiar.

So Fredmen Willson hurriedly hid to the side and observed it secretly. As the two people approached, he saw that it was a middle-aged man in his fifties with a young man in his twenties.

The twenty-something young man was leaning on a cane in one hand and a huge green oil drum in the other.

There are already some defeated middle-aged people next to him, holding the lame young man in one hand and carrying the same green oil drum in the other.

Fredmen Willson recognized the young man. When he came to see Tianqi for treatment today, the young man was being driven out by the pharmacy.

It seems that this guy is seeking no cure and is about to set fire to Tianqi’s Clinic!

The two people who came were Junwei Gao who had pretended to be forced by Charlie in the hospital before and was finally thrown down from the third floor by Mr. Orvel.

Junwei Gao left his legs with sequelae and became lame. He hated Charlie in his heart. He wanted to find Tianqi to heal the injury before going to Charlie to settle the account, but he didn’t expect Tianqi to directly prevent him from entering the door.

He returned to the hospital and complained to his father Jianjun Gao. The two were too angry, so they bought two barrels of gasoline and wanted to burn Tianqi’s Clinic.

The two people’s plan was to set the Clinic on fire, teach Tianqi a little lesson, and then find a way to find Charlie for revenge.

Fredmen Willson heard Junwei Gao say to Jianjun Gao at this time: “Dad, you said that the Old Master named Shi can’t live in the Clinic?”

“How do I know?” Jianjun Gao said coldly: “Well, he can’t live here, he just burned him by a fire! dmn, fcking with me, it’s d*mn!”

Junwei Gao gritted his teeth angrily, and said: “This surname Shi, he couldn’t save him. It would be cheaper to burn him to death with a fire!”