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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3666 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3666 Start

Zhiyu said with a smile, “It’s okay after I officially become the head of the Su family, it is reasonable to give myself a private plane,”

“Then every Thursday night, after busy work with computers and information, I will fly directly from the Su Group roof to the airport by helicopter, fly to Aurous Hill, in the plane rest for two hours, or deal with official business,”

“And soon arrive in Aurous Hill, at the night in Aurous Hill there will not be a traffic jam, drive for less than half an hour to get to mom.”

She seriously calculated: “So I will be able to stay in Aurous Hill from Thursday night until early Monday morning, Monday it will be a little harder, get up earlier, five o’clock to go out,”

“Before six o’clock can take off back to Eastcliff, eight o’clock after landing on the helicopter directly to Su Group, not delayed, nine o’clock to work table.”

Charlie could not help but stammer after hearing this and sighed: “Your schedule is a bit too full.”

“It doesn’t matter.” Zhiyu said firmly: “I am in particularly good health now, this little thing does not matter.”

After that, she looked at Charlie bashfully, with a pleading tone, and said in a delicate voice: “Grace, besides my mother, I only have one friend in Aurous Hill, so if I look for you to play, you can’t refuse me.”

Charlie nodded and casually agreed, laughing, “As long as time allows, there is definitely no problem.”

“That’s good!”

After getting the answer she wanted most, Zhiyu finally breathed a sigh of relief.

Charlie looked at the time and spoke, “It’s getting late, I’ll send you back to Su’s house first.”

Zhiyu asked, “Is Grace going back to Wade’s house at night?”

“No.” Charlie said lightly, “I’ll go back to my uncle’s house, I feel more comfortable there.”

Zhiyu remembered Sara and the marriage contract between Charlie and her, and nodded with a sudden realization.

Charlie asked Issac to prepare a car for him, then he drove alone and drove Zhiyu to the Su family villa.

On the way, she quietly looked at the side of Charlie’s face and wanted to say something several times, but finally held back.

Only when Charlie drove the car to the Su family villa outside the door and parked it, Zhiyu opened her mouth and said, “Thank you for what happened between my parents ……, if it wasn’t for you, my dad would definitely not have agreed to divorce my mom ……”

Charlie asked her, “You want your parents to divorce?”

“Mm.” Zhiyu nodded and said, “Both of them are not living so happily, this kind of marriage is in name only, instead of lingering on, it’s better to end it before it’s too late.”

As she said she could not help but sigh: “My father must have lived so many years especially suffocating, his wife and his own bed, always love another person, this is with any other man, I’m afraid it is difficult to accept ……”

Charlie nodded a little embarrassed, if from a completely objective point of view to evaluate, he would also feel that the marriage between Zhiyu’s parents, her mother was at fault in the first place.

But the man that her mother loved deeply was his own father, so this made Charlie uncertain how to evaluate.

At this time, Zhiyu looked at Charlie, saw him from the sideways face, the moment the four eyes met, she hurriedly turned her head, looking at the front of the car, said softly:

“In fact, my mother for so over the years, it is not easy to live, after all, accompanied by the other half, not the one she really loves, even if there is no resentment in the heart, must also be inevitably disappointed ……”

She plucked up the courage to look at Charlie, seriously: “In fact, in the past, I could not quite understand Mom’s approach, the heart will also feel that she failed Dad, even if the two of them had words before they got married, I also think Mom should not be so stingy with Dad in love ……”

The words to this, Zhiyu gently lowered her eyelids, quietly said: “But since I met you, grace, I can understand mom more and more …… she must have been the same back then, as I am now, inexorably in love with a man who could not ask for more ……”