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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 366 Free Novel

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Don’t talk about giving her pocket money, even the promised follow-up investment will not be followed.

It now seems that only if Fredmen Willson quickly restores his male power, can she continue to benefit from him.

Otherwise, Fredmen Willson will definitely abandon her, even the entire Willson family.

So far, the 10 million invested by Fredmen Willson is only able to sustain the Willson Group, and it is far from enough to bring the Willson Group back to its peak.

Noah Willson laughed at the side and said, “This one can do it one at a time. It is very effective.”

“Yeah.” Noah Willson nodded, and then, directly removed three of them from the medicine board and took a bite of it.

He hoped that the imported western medicine would be effective, so he said to Wendy: “Wendy, follow me upstairs.”

Wendy nodded hurriedly, came over to grab Fredmen Willson’s wrist, and said flatly, “My dear, let’s go back to the room and try again.”

Fredmen Willson gave a hum, pulled Wendy into the room, and then asked her to use her best efforts to help him find confidence.

But it is a pity that Wendy has been tossing for a long time, but these medicines are of no use!

Fredmen Willson swallowed three more pills, but still couldn’t find the slightest feeling.

This moment made him feel down.

Seeing Wendy still showing off on him, he was so angry that he kicked her under the bed and shouted: “I don’t need you here, get out!”

Wendy was afraid that Fredmen Willson would be angry with her, so she hurriedly said, “My dear, don’t be too anxious. I believe I will find a way to cure you soon!”

“Get out!” Fredmen Willson yelled annoyingly and threw the pillow at Wendy.

Wendy dared not stay to touch him, hurriedly wrapped her clothes, and hurried out.

Fredmen Willson lay on the bed alone, trembling with anger.

A successful man, after reaching the pinnacle of his life, what he most looks forward to is to be able to appreciate the amorous feelings of countless beautiful women.

However, once he lost his ability in that area, wouldn’t all that money has nothing to do with him?

He can’t accept it!

Just when he was furious, the phone rang suddenly.

It was his mother who called.

Fredmen Willson hurriedly connected the phone and asked respectfully: “Mom, you haven’t slept at this late hour?”

Bihua Willson cursed on the other end of the phone: “You [email protected]! Are you going to kill me? Do you want me to be eighty-four years old this year or not?”

Fredmen Willson hurriedly asked: “Mom, what kind of thing are you talking about, how can I harm you?”

“bulls*it!” Bihua Willson blurted out: “I ask you, how did you offend Tianqi? He is going to make a clean break with our family. Do you know how much loss this will cost to our family?!”