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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3655 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3655 Start

Elmer and Aron have the heart to die.

Elmer cursed in his heart: “If Andrew is really so capable, why didn’t you reappoint him and put him to us? This kind of big pitiful goods to really go in charge of our family business, in less than three years our family will have to go bankrupt ……”

Aron is also depressed to the extreme, thinking: “Although Dad is not a top entrepreneur, but at least it is also so many years of work down, full of experience and also very stable and solid,”

“Even if they do not like to reform and innovation, at least the family business can also hold down the current scale …… but If you change that Andrew in the past, he will not be able to completely destroy our family?”

Thinking of this, Aron hurriedly said, “Family head …… our kind of small business, how can we bother Uncle Andrew this great personality!”

“Let him manage that small factory of ours, it’s just like an anti-aircraft gun hitting a mosquito, it’s really too wasteful ……”

Charlie did not care waving his hand, very openly said: “Nothing, not a bit of waste, our family has this condition!”

Aron was about to collapse.

He finally understood that Charlie was the master of acting.

Himself and dad are not even a in front of him.

Originally, he and his father still wanted to act out so that they could change themselves out and back to continue to run the family business.

Did not expect that this person Charlie with three or two words, not only set him back again, but also put their family in a position where they can not afford to mess with.

Elmer is also depressed to the extreme, he now has no idea how to end.

Even, even the opportunity to take the initiative to let the son stay is very slim.

Because once that happened, it would be like admitting that he had just lied to Charlie.

They are the ones who wear the sin in front of the Wade family, and as a result, they are still playing small with Charlie at this time, and if he catches the blame, then there is really no chance at all.

Andrew at this time was excited.

He saw Aron still wanted to refuse, and quickly spoke: “Charlie, this matter you do not need to consult the two of them, I see that they also have a debt to our Wade family,”

“Embarrassed to bother again, but I have always been a good talker, trouble is a little trouble, but I am willing to work, absolutely there will be no complaints!”

Morgan was so envious that he begged, “Charlie, my father is not well, can I also go to take care of his food and living?”

Charlie ignored him and turned to Elmer and Aron, smiling and asking, “How about this, I’m the head of the family, I still do things with respect, right? Your own dear eldest uncle is sent to help you guys, what kind of selfless spirit must this be?”

Elder Wade listened on the side, couldn’t help but reach out and wipe his face, thinking that Charlie was really too damaging, so damaging that he, the former head of the family, could not even face up.

He knew better than anyone what kind of person his eldest son was.

The level of Andrew, in the Wade family, is a complete drag.

If the Wade family is a speeding train, then Andrew is one of the carriages that can neither carry passengers, nor pull cargo.

The goods follow the Wade family train, in addition to increasing the fuel consumption of the train, reducing the speed of the train, no half positive effect.

Usually, in the Wade family, serious events have a team of professional managers and a number of think tanks around the world responsible for the operation, he only needs to symbolically sign the decision book, and then take the highest salary and dividends of the entire Wade family.

This family’s furniture business, a year can have a few hundred million euros of profit, but with Andrew in normal circumstances, a year of dry flowers will have to spend so much.

And Andrew spends money in a very wasteful manner.

If he goes abroad to visit a trip, first have to buy a set of the best villa in the area as a palace, according to his words, he is not used to living in any hotel, or prefer to live at home, so buy a house is the best choice.