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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 365 Free Novel

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When Bihua Willson heard this, she immediately asked nervously: “Tianqi, what’s the matter with you? Our two families have been in friendship for so many years, so how can you stop it?”

Tianqi said earnestly: “Sister-in-law, Big Brother Willson was kind to me back then. I have repaid the Willson family for so many years without asking for anything in return.”

“This is natural!” Bihua Willson hurriedly said, “But, what is the reason for you to break up with our Willson family? If it’s an old woman, where I didn’t do well, you tell me, I will definitely correct it!”

Tianqi said: “Sister-in-law, it is not your problem, but your son Fredmen who is the problem.”

“Fredmen?” Bihua Willson said in surprise: “What’s wrong with him? Did he offend you? But he is in Aurous Hill now!”

“I’m also in Aurous Hill.” Tianqi said earnestly: “I saw Fredmen Willson, but he didn’t offend me much, mainly because he offended my benefactor. This benefactor has the kindness to recreate me, so I am healthy now. The gratitude of the benefactor can only draw a clear line between the Willson family, my sister-in-law forgives me.”

Bihua Willson felt a little in his heart.

His son actually angered Tianqi in Aurous Hill? What a [email protected]! Tianqi is a well-known traditional medicine master in China. How many super-big people are ill and demand him to be treated. There is often a saying in the circle of the rich and powerful in Eastcliff, saying: “If the king of Yan made you die for three shifts, and Tianqi can keep you until five shifts!”

The meaning of these words, that is to say, even if the dying person, as long as Tianqi takes the shot, they can live for a while. This is simply a dream for the powerful class!

Macau gambling king Stanley Ho has been using various high-tech methods in the hospital to extend his life in recent years. The money spent in the hospital alone is hundreds of millions each year, but to him, what is the hundreds of millions? No life is more precious!

If life comes to an abrupt end, what if you have billions of wealth? Didn’t it burn out and live in a small wooden box?

Therefore, the more powerful, the more fond of Tianqi.

No one of Eastcliff’s rich and powerful envy the Willson family. The reason is that they are family acquaintances with Tianqi. Others abandon their wealth, and they may not be able to change Tianqi’s treatment once, and because of their friendship with Tianqi, Tianqi goes to Willson almost every year. This makes countless people jealous to death.

Bihua Willson’s husband, Fredmen Willson’s father, had cancer more than ten years ago.

If Tianqi hadn’t done everything possible to sign up for him, how could he live until last year and leave?

When the Old Master left, he was already eighty-six years old, and his life was long enough to make healthy people envy.

Bihua Willson was even more hopeful that Tianqi could live to be over ninety years old, or even over a hundred years old. She did not expect Tianqi to have a break with her family at this time. This made her nervous, and she blurted out and pleaded: “Tianqi, don’t follow Fredmen’s words, after all, he is your junior, some places offended you, please be more tolerant, I will call him when I turn back, scold him, let him come to you and apologize to you immediately… .”

Tianqi said indifferently, “Sister-in-law, no need. If he offends me, I will forgive him, but who he offended is my great benefactor, so you don’t need to talk about it anymore, and I won’t change my mind. I hope you will live a long and healthy life in the future, goodbye!”

After speaking, Tianqi immediately hung up the phone, then turned off the phone directly, and said to Zhovia: “Close the door and go back to the hotel.”


On the other side, Fredmen Willson took Noah Willson’s car and returned to the Willson family villa.

Once back to the villa, he poured a glass of water in the living room on the first floor, took out v!agra directly, looked at the instructions above, and said, “Eat one pill at a time?”

Old Mrs. Willson felt ashamed to see him directly taking out this medicine.

Noah Willson’s wife, Horiyah, was even embarrassed to see.

Although Wendy did not speak, her expression was expectant.

Since Noah Willson lost that ability, his attitude towards her has become very poor.