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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3644 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3644 Start

At this time, Charlie looked at these jaw-dropping Wade family members, cleared his throat, and opened his mouth,

“What I originally thought was to let you know the truth after you climbed all the way to the top of the mountain on your knees,”

“But since you are all suspicious one by one, then I will simply stop pretending and show my cards.”

More than seven hundred members of the Wade family’s side lineage were all awe-struck, staring at Charlie with unblinking eyes, waiting for his next words.

However, before Charlie could speak, Joseph, who was at the side, knelt down on one knee with a face of shame, and said incomparably, “Your subordinate just now was impulsive and did not control my mouth, so please punish me, Mr. Wade!”


“What the h3ll?!”

“Joseph actually knelt down for Charlie?

“Did he just call himself a subordinate? What does he mean? Did the Cataclysmic Front submit to Charlie?!”

The people of the Wade family below exploded in a flash.

None of them had expected that things would go in this direction now.

This was simply a direction of development that they had least expected.

This feeling, as if you drop a brick from a hundred-meter high building, you thought it might hit people, cars, animals, or flowers, but you dare to think that this brick it not only did not fall but directly subvert the gravity to fly upwards, all the way out of the atmosphere?

This group of Wade family side members, at this time, are feeling this.

Shock has long been insufficient to describe their state of mind, they have begun to feel that this world is ridiculous to the extreme, so ridiculous that it is full of magic.

Everyone was afraid of Joseph before they fled in haste, who the hell would have thought that Joseph would become Charlie’s henchman?

At this time, Charlie unconcernedly waved his hand to Joseph and said blandly: “It’s okay, there’s always a showdown coming, it’s just sooner or later.”

After saying that, he looked at the seven hundred or so members of the Wade family’s side lineage and coldly questioned, “Do you think that the Wade family is bound to fail in front of the Cataclysmic Front?”

No one dared to respond from the more than seven hundred people below.

He asked again, “Do you think that the Wade Family is doomed this time, so you can’t wait to get rid of the Wade Family name?”

More than seven hundred people looked flustered, and no one dared to speak up.

Charlie asked again, “Do you think, against this own wings have long been hard, even if the Wade family this time completely finished, will not affect your future?”

More than seven hundred people, many people have begun to panic and wipe the cold sweat on their foreheads.

At this time, Charlie sneered, his expression carrying full contempt, and said sternly,

“You short-sighted, rat-eyed verticals, have you ever thought that I, Charlie, can not only save the Wade Family from distress but even take the Cataclysmic Front under my command?!”

The crowd was frightened by Charlie’s rebuke, and their bodies trembled.

Only then did they realize what they had missed.

If they had not run away and held on to Waderest Mountain with the Wade Family, then every one of them would have been a meritorious servant.

But none of them looked after the Wade family, and none of them took into account the relationship between the same clan as well as the kindness of the family, and all of them ran away with their heads in their hands.

Now, it’s time for Charlie to settle accounts after the fall!

Charlie sees this group of people face panic, but they did not dare to say half a word, full of contempt he said:

“Now, I am the Wade family head, and you clansmen, also let me realize, what is called the human heart!”

“In the beginning, the Wade family helped you and supported you, but it was completely raising a tiger as a problem!”

When the crowd heard that Charlie was already the head of the Wade family, they were all even more shocked and speechless.

In their hearts, many people had already started to curse themselves for being a complete and utter fool.

Thought he was avoiding a monstrous catastrophe, but did not expect to avoid, a splendid fortune!

Charlie continued at this point: “As the saying goes, the vertical son is not enough with the plot! Such a critical moment like you have no responsibility for the trash.”

“I should borrow the hands of others, quick to kill you all! But I was so naive as to think about my clan wanted to save your lives and your family’s chance of survival.

Joseph immediately clasped his fist and said, “Mr. Wade! Just one word from you, I guarantee with my life that none of these 700 people will walk out of Waderest Mountain alive!”

“And this charge, Cataclysmic Front is also willing to take all the blame for you!”