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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 364 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 364 Start

Tianqi was still angry.

Two people who asked for their own treatment came tonight, and they all offended Mr. Wade!

That Junwei Gao pretended to be forced with Mr. Wade in the ward that day, and finally failed to pretend to be forced. He was thrown directly out of the window on the third floor by Mr. Orvel and broke his leg. He did not expect that he still had the face to come to seek treatment for himself!

And that Fredmen Willson!

The most hateful is him!

He had offended Mr. Wade before, so he almost gave him the medicine, unaware of the story background!

If he really cured him, wouldn’t it mean that he would avenge Mr. Wade En invisible? !

Thinking of this, he couldn’t help but sigh with his granddaughter Zhovia: “Zhovia, fortunately, you came in time. If you come late, grandpa would give Fredmen Willson half of the magic medicine!”

Zhovia was also a little scared, and said, “Grandpa, I heard that the reason why Fredmen Willson lost that ability is because of Mr. Wade!”

“That’s it!” Tianqi couldn’t help exclaiming: “Mr. Wade can destroy his nerves invisibly. This is really a great ability! Even if the best surgeon manually removes the nerves, it can’t be so accurate.”

Zhovia said: “He deserves it! Who made him offend Mr. Wade!”

After speaking, Zhovia said again: “Grandpa, I think you should make a stand with the entire Willson family. Otherwise, if Mr. Wade knows that we have a relationship with their family and misunderstands you again, that would be bad! “

“Okay!” Tianqi nodded and said, “I will call the sister-in-law of the Willson family and explain the matter to her.”

After all, Tianqi took out his mobile phone and called Fredmen Willson’s mother, Bihua Willson.

Bihua Willson is eighty-three years old this year. There is a Chinese saying: “Seventy-three, eighty-four, Hades will pick them up.” This means that there are two major obstacles for the elderly, which are seven. At the age of thirteen and eighty-four, the elderly are most likely to get sick and die at these two ages.

The reason for such a saying is closely related to the two great saints in ancient China.

Confucius, the sage of Confucius, lived 73 years old

Mencius Meng Yasheng lived eighty-four years old.

The Chinese people have always admired Confucius and Mencius from ancient times to the present. That’s why there are two big hurdles of seventy-three and eighty-four.

In Bihua Willson’s first hurried year, when he was seventy-three years old, he suffered a serious illness.

At that time, it was Tianqi who rushed all the way to Eastcliff and prescribed nine prescriptions to Bihua Willson before pulling her back from the gate.

Bihua Willson knew in her heart that she was about to reach the second hurdle in her life. This time she was getting older and might be even more dangerous, so she especially hoped that she could invite Tianqi over before her birthday.

So, when she received Tianqi’s call, she cordially said: “Tianqi, I was thinking about calling you! Next month is my 84th birthday on the lunar calendar. Will you have time? If so, what do you think of it when you come to the birthday banquet for the Lady Willson?”

Tianqi knew very well that Bihua Willson was going to have a second hurdle year this year. If it weren’t for what happened today, the Lady Willson would not need to say that he would go there before her birthday and personally treat her body so that she can be safe. Live to be ninety years old.

But now, Fredmen Willson actually provokes Mr. Wade, so, no matter what, he can’t go anymore!

Besides, he has repaid his gratitude for so many years, and that is already repaid enough.

Therefore, he said lightly: “Sister-in-law, I have been treating the Willson family for so many years. The kindness of Brother Willson to me back then can be regarded as the kindness of dripping water and the spring of water, so in the future, we two Don’t have any further contact!”