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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3634 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3634 Start

At this moment, Milton said with trepidation: “The net worth of my family is about eight billion, but the cash stocks that I can call on only add up to about two billion, how should I deal with this situation?”

Joseph said coldly: “If this is the case, first convert all the stocks into cash.”

“And then all the calculated cash to the designated account of the Cataclysmic Front, when you return, immediately sell a part of other assets, the remaining two billion to pay in place!”

Milton choked and said, “Lord Wan, I’m not going to lie to you, many of our industries are long-term investments, some projects are successive investments for many years, investing a lot of money before finally starting to see returns,”

“If we sell at this time, it is like killing the chicken to get the eggs, the loss to us is very heavy……”

These words of Milton triggered the resonance of other members of the Wade family’s side lineage.

They were already willing to take out half of their assets at this point, but if it was this kind of killing the chicken to get the eggs, the loss to them would be greater than taking out half of their assets.

Joseph at this time also can not decide, if it is only to complete the task given by Charlie, then he does not care about the three seven twenty-one.

All the people should be sold to sell, kill the chicken to get the eggs, and so on?

If he is asking to sell the chicken to get the eggs also have to take out the eggs to hand over half.

However, he is still unclear, what is Charlie’s attitude towards these clansmen, so he can not be sure of the scale, so he said:

“You first give a clear account of your own assets, the cash is less than half, the first cash payment in place, the remaining part, we will give you a solution later.”

The people had no choice but to agree to it.

Then, the people of the Cataclysmic Front began to register these Wade family side branches in batches.

First asking about each person’s specific assets as well as the cash situation, and after the registration was completed, they were asked to pay all the cash first.

When this part of the funds started to be remitted to the account of the Cataclysmic Front, the Concorde that Charlie was boarding, finally landed at the city Airport.

As soon as he landed, Leon picked him up and took him to Waderest.

On the way, he gave Charlie a brief report on the situation of Waderest, and also reported the problem that Joseph couldn’t decide, asking,

“Young master, when I came, Joseph asked me to ask you about those who have less than half of the family’s assets in cash, and most of the assets are in the physical industry as well as fixed assets, how exactly should they be handed over to Front?”

Charlie lightly said: “Treat those who admit their mistakes and admit their punishment with a good attitude, of course, can not be forced too tightly, can first collect part of the cash, as for the rest of that part, let them pay in installments.”

Speaking here, Charlie slightly paused, and said, “This according to normal, installment payment is certainly to pay interest,”

“But, namely, all the Wade family, I also give them a little face, installment payment will not charge them interest, but with the same bank, plus a certain percentage of the handling fee.”

“For example, the other party owes us one billion, it can be divided into one year twelve installments, or three years thirty-six, five years sixty installments to pay,”

“As for the handling fee, just charge them six thousandths per installment, that is, six million per installment.”

Leon was shocked and exclaimed, “Young master, if we go by this ratio, the commission for one installment will be six thousandths, and the total commission for 60 installments will be 36%! Ten billion principal, the fee is 360 million, is it not too high ……”

Charlie laughed: “Bank credit card installment payment is not six-thousandths of a percent per installment? I also did not charge more, just to the bank on par.”

Leon was busy saying, “Young master, if you say so, but this interest …… oh no, this fee percentage is actually still very high …… I’m afraid they simply can’t hold up such a high fee ……”

Charlie a treacherous businessman looked at him, and said seriously: “Can not hold up does not matter, I can give them another option,”

“The money owed, according to a certain concession, converted into their business corresponding equity,”

“For example, his business is worth five billion, but also owes us one billion, normally, the one billion converted into equity is 20%, but because they owe us money, I Do not charge him installment fees,”

“How must receive a cash discount ratio, so how must give us an 80% discount on the total valuation, so that the five billion enterprises, an 80% discount even if he has four billion, one billion debt converted into equity is 25%!”