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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 362 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 362 Start

“Mr. Wade? Real dragon?” Fredmen Willson hurriedly said, “Uncle Shi, you too are you always confused and deceived by that smelly rug? What kind of master or real dragon is he? Isn’t he just a son-in-law? a hanging rug? He joined the Willson family, treated me as a guest, and gave me his sister-in-law Wendy to accompany me on the bed. Compared with me, he is a hairy man!”

Speaking of this, Fredmen Willson said again: “Uncle Shi, this kind of smelly rug is worthy of your maintenance, and even the decades of friendship between our two families are ignored?”

[email protected]!” Tianqi was furious when he heard this. He picked up the medicine pestle next to him and slammed Fredmen Willson’s head fiercely. He cursed, “You still dare to speak rudely to Mr. Wade! Get out of here! “

Fredmen Willson didn’t escape, but Tianqi smashed his forehead with a pill, grinning in pain, and a big bag instantly popped up.

He grinned and stared and cursed: “Mr. Shi, you are so old-eyed! Don’t worry about believing that kind of liar, even you dare to beat me! I f*cking kill you!”

After speaking, he raised his chair and was about to smash it towards Tianqi.

Although Tianqi is older, he is also a practitioner. After the old wounds in his body were cured by Charlie’s magic medicine, his body was more agile and flexible, which was not comparable to an obese middle-aged person like Fredmen Willson.

As a result, Tianqi dodged dexterously, avoiding the bench that Fredmen Willson smashed over.

Fredmen Willson knocked it down, raised a chair, gritted his teeth, and said: “Surnamed Shi, if you want to survive, you can obediently take out the half of the medicine. Otherwise, I will kill you today!”

“b*stard, do you still want to beat my grandfather? I’ll kill you!”

Zhovia was so angry that she rolled up her sleeves and rushed towards him.

The Aurous Hill family who has really studied traditional medicine for many years has also learned martial arts more or less. This is especially true of the Shi family. The Shi family is not only a master of traditional medicine, but also a family of martial arts. Even the granddaughter Zhovia, who is a foreigner, has also practiced good kung fu. It’s more than enough.

Before Fredmen Willson recovered, he was kicked to the ground by Zhovia. Then, Zhovia put her cloth shoes against his throat and said coldly: “If you don’t roll anymore, don’t blame me for being impolite!”

Knowing that he is not Zhovia’s opponent, Fredmen Willson hurriedly escaped from Clinic. Before leaving, he would still curse and threaten: “The surname Shi, you will wait for me. Today’s hatred, I will definitely find you in the future. Remember me!”

[email protected] thing!” Tianqi angrily scolded: “Get out of here! Never let me see you again!”

Fredmen Willson escaped from the Clinic in embarrassment, his face full of anger.

Seeing Fredmen Willson coming out, Noah Willson hurriedly greeted him and asked, “Fredmen, how is it? Has the genius doctor Tianqi cured you?”

Fredmen Willson gritted his teeth and said bitterly: “This ungrateful old [email protected] actually said that Charlie is his benefactor, and he won’t heal me for life and death, so he f*cked with me and drove me out!”

Noah Willson didn’t expect that Tianqi was also bewitched by Charlie’s stinky rag. He couldn’t help but sighed: “This Charlie is really lingering!”

Fredmen Willson scolded: “It’s all the f*cking waiting for Mr. Wade no matter it is Tianqi or Charlie, there will be no good end! I will definitely make them pay the price of blood!”

Noah Willson also had enough of Charlie’s suffering, but he had never had a chance and was unable to seek revenge from Charlie, so he was very depressed and very angry.

Moreover, he was particularly greedy for the Tomson First-Class villa that Solmon White gave to Charlie!

If this Fredmen Willson could really kill Charlie, then the younger brother Jacob’s family would have nothing to rely on, and wouldn’t he let him kill them then?

In that way, Tomson’s villa is his own!

Thinking of this, he resisted the excitement in his heart, and hurriedly echoed: “Fredmen, what you said is very true! That Charlie is an unfamiliar white-eyed wolf! A beast! He who has lived in our Willson family for so many years, Eating from our Willson family, but repeatedly humiliating our family, and now bullying Fredmen, it is simply a heinous sin, and must be paid with death!”