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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3612 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3612 Start

Although Joseph was also a person worth more than ten billion dollars, but once he heard that Charlie had a sum of five billion euros in cash to be credited, it still took him by surprise.

To know that Charlie’s departure from China to Northern Europe has not taken more than 24 hours, in such a short period of time he has 5 billion euros in cash, this is more than robbery, an unbelievable one.

But how did Joseph know that Charlie’s money was robbed?

Charlie saw that he did not say anything, so he opened his mouth and asked, “What’s wrong, do you have difficulty with 5 billion euros?”

“No difficulty!” Joseph did not hesitate to say: “Mr. Wade don’t worry, I will definitely wash out every cent of this money for you, you just tell me what currency you want.”

Charlie laughed: “Of course I want dollars! This money I want to use to buy a ship!”

Joseph said, “No problem, Mr. Wade, don’t forget to give me a collection account, when the time comes, I will convert all this money into dollars and remit it to this account.”

Charlie smiled and said, “Don’t give this money to me, I will ask the Ito family for a collection account later, after you launder the money directly to the Ito family, my ocean shipping company is operated by the Ito family and Zhiyu together,”

“You can directly give it to the Ito family in the form of capital injection, help me remit it to the ISU shipping group’s account.”

Joseph said, “No problem! You ask the Ito family for an account number, and I’ll take care of the rest!”

Charlie gave a hint, and then hung up the phone.

At this time, George and William, father and son, as well as Richard and Olivia, father and daughter, were already frozen on the spot like they had been struck by lightning.

Hearing the conversation between Charlie and Joseph, they all penetrated a shocking secret: Cataclysmic Front had definitely submitted to Charlie, and Joseph was definitely one of Charlie’s men now! Otherwise, there was no way Joseph would be so respectful to him!

Thinking of this, several people were extremely scared!

Only now did they understand that Charlie had been pretending to be a pig and eating by a tiger all along!

When he came, everyone thought that the Wade family had been bitten off half of its life by the Cataclysmic Front, and that the scenery was no longer good.

But who would have thought that the truth of the matter would have such a big super reversal!

Not only did the Wade family not lose any family assets, on the contrary, Charlie even took the entire Cataclysmic Front into his pocket!

This was like a tiger with wings for the Wade family!

At this moment, William wanted to smack himself to death.

Who he mess with, but Charlie!

With Charlie’s current strength, even if ten of himself, a hundred of himself, it is impossible to be his opponent ……

Even his own family, in front of the Wade family is just a little trash!

At this time, Charlie ignored the shock of the gang and called Nanako again.

On the other end of the phone, she said excitedly and with respect, “Mr. Charlie, are you in Northern Europe right now? Why are you calling me all of a sudden?”

Charlie smiled: “Nanako, I have a sum of money that I want to inject into ISU Shipping, so I’d like you to give me a bank account number of the Ito family,”

“I’ll give you this money and you can inject it into the Shipping for me.”

Nanako said without hesitation, “No problem, Mr. Charlie wait a moment, I will send you the account information.”

“Good.” Charlie said, “I still have to call Miss Su, I’ll talk to you later.”


At this time, everyone in front of him was even more shocked and speechless.

Who would have thought that even the famous Ito family of Japan was respectful and obedient to Charlie!

And at this time, Charlie called Zhiyu Su.

She picked up the phone and said with the same respect, “Grace, do you have any orders for me at this time?”

Charlie let out a sound and said, “Zhiyu, I want to inject capital to expand the ISU shipping, this business is a partnership between the two of us, so I want to ask if you are willing to continue to inject capital.”

Zhiyu said without thinking, “If the Grace asks me to inject capital, then I will inject capital!”