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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3611 Free Novel

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When he said this, George thought in his heart that if Charlie wanted to put him under control, the destination of this money was the key to his family’s search for his whereabouts.

If Ruthschild’s core family could notice this matter, then it would be easy to find Charlie’s head through the direction of this huge sum of money.

However, he did not expect, Charlie to make a phone call to Leon, opened his mouth, and said: “Housekeeper Leon, let Joseph give me a collection account, preferably one that can quickly launder the money!”

“Their Cataclysmic Front has been in the gray area for so many years, this skill should still be there!”

George never dreamed that Charlie intended to let the Cataclysmic Front collect this money!

Cataclysmic Front are all outlaws, and all operate across the war-torn areas, even for the Ruthschild’s core family, it is impossible to do anything to them.

After all, what rich people are most afraid of, is the outlaws.

The Ruthschild’s core family, even if they know that their family is missing, and half of the family’s funds have gone into the pockets of the Cataclysmic Front.

It is absolutely impossible to help them, to save themselves from the trouble of the Cataclysmic Front, they won’t even ask.

Thinking of this, George was at a loss.

It seems that today, it is really going to be Charlie pinched to death.

However, what shocked him, even more, was still to come.

On the phone, Leon spoke: “Young master, do you want me to give the phone number to Joseph, you can ask him directly, I’m afraid that I will be missing something in the middle of delivering this message.”

Charlie said with a bland expression and casual tone, “Well, then you can give him the phone.”

The surrounding people heard the tone of Charlie’s speech and had a question in their hearts, didn’t the Wade family just get half-eaten by the Cataclysmic Front?”

“Even if the Cataclysmic Front was going to make money off the Wade family in the future, it couldn’t possibly allow Charlie to treat them so casually, right?

Just when they were puzzled, Charlie smiled faintly and directly turned on the speaker of his phone.

At this moment, Joseph picked up the phone and said respectfully, “Mr. Wade, what are your orders?”

When these words came out, everyone at the scene was struck by lightning!

No one had expected that the famous head of the Cataclysmic Front, Joseph Wan, would treat Charlie so respectfully.

George exclaimed in his heart, “This …… is the Cataclysmic Front annexing the Wade Family, or is the Wade Family annexing the Cataclysmic Front? Why is Joseph treating Charlie so respectfully and politely?”

Olivier was also baffled and thought, “Didn’t Joseph have a deep hatred with the Wade Family? Even if the Wade family lost half of its assets to him, he shouldn’t be so lowly to the Wade family, right?”

Just when everyone was amazed, Charlie lightly spoke, “I have a sum of money that I need to find a reliable channel to wash out, the money is from a third-order family in Ruthschild,”

“The demand is for the money to be credited from their account to your Front’s account, and then you will wash it and take it out to me, can you do it?”

“We have opened a large number of secure accounts in Switzerland and several offshore countries and regions, these accounts are theoretically not monitored by any country or individual,”

“As long as the money is credited into these accounts, whether it is in dollars or euros, yen or RMB, we can get the money out within a few seconds.”

“We can disperse the money to tens of bank accounts in dozens of countries all over the world within a few dozen seconds, and within a minute we can make the money go around the world before flowing into our dollar accounts, which can be absolutely untraceable!”

After listening, Charlie said with satisfaction, “That’s great, you have your men send me all these accounts immediately, I’ll have people transfer money into them one after another.”

“Okay, Mr. Wade!” Joseph asked again, “Right Mr. Wade, this fund you want to wash, roughly how big is it?”

Charlie casually said, “Five billion euros.”

When Joseph heard this, his whole body froze.