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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 361 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 361 Start

After hearing what Zhovia said, Tianqi was dumbfounded in shock!

He was surprised and asked: “You mean, Fredmen offended Mr. Wade?!”

“Yeah!” Zhovia nodded repeatedly, and said, “And the offending seems to be quite terrible. He actually ranted to Mr. Wade’s wife and offered Mr. Wade’s wife 10 million to sleep with him!”

Tianqi was furious, and this Fredmen Willson was guilty of the bear heart and leopard, dare to provoke Mr. Wade?

Mr. Wade has the kindness to reinvent himself. Compared with him, what is Fredmen Willson worth?

Yes, his father helped him back then, but after so many years of helping this family treat illnesses and saving its people, he has already repaid their favors thousands of times!

What’s more, his father is gone, and he doesn’t owe him anything.

If he has simply something wrong with himself, he can save him, and of course, it is his duty to save him!

But if he messes with Mr. Wade, then sorry! The enemy of Mr. Wade is his enemy!

Thinking of this, Tianqi darkened his face and stepped to Fredmen Willson’s face.

Fredmen Willson couldn’t help feeling a little nervous when he saw him coming in with a calm face.

Before he could ask, Tianqi took the lead and asked in a cold tone: “I ask you, did you offend a person named Charlie Wade today?”

Fredmen Willson nodded and said, “Uncle Shi actually knows it too? That smelly rag actually made me embarrassed in public. Sooner or later, I will kill him. He will not be stumbling for a few days. Uncle Shi doesn’t have to worry.”

Tianqi sneered, pointed outside, and shouted: “Get out of here!”

Fredmen Willson was stunned immediately, and said in surprise: “Uncle Shi, what’s the matter?”

Tianqi said in a loud voice: “Don’t call me uncle. From now on, I am cutting off from you and your family, and I will have nothing to do with you!”

Fredmen Willson was frightened. With Tianqi here, he and his family could be said to have lost their lives.

After all, making money is easy, but the life extension is difficult!

If he turned his face with Tianqi and returned to the family, it would not be better!

More importantly, if he turns his face with him, wouldn’t he give himself the half magic medicine?

What about your own roots?

What about the happiness of the lower body and the second half of life? !

So he asked eagerly: “Uncle Shi, what the h*ll is going on? Did you make a mistake?”

Tianqi snorted coldly, and said, “I tell you! Mr. Wade is not only my savior, but also the only true dragon in the world! If you dare to disrespect Mr. Charlie, it is tantamount to hitting me Tianqi in the face! For your father’s face, I won’t clean up you today, so let you go! Don’t show up in front of me in the future!”