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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3608 Free Novel

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At this moment, in his eyes, Charlie is 100 million euros in cash!

As long as he killed Charlie, the money is enough for him and his family to live out their lives in glory and fortune!

The others also snapped awake at this moment, many of them went straight to Charlie, and a few chose to strike directly at the queen because they were closer to her!

The queen did not expect this group of people to really dare to make a move on her, for a time scared, does not know what to do.

At this time, Helena on her side immediately pulled her behind herself.

The Queen never dreamed that her eldest granddaughter, who had been sick, could stand in front of her at the critical moment, and her expression did not look the least bit frightened, and while her heart was touched, she was also very appreciative of Helena’s courage in the face of danger.

But she does not know that the reason why Helena is not afraid of danger is that she knows the strength of Charlie!

The four battle commanders of the Cataclysmic Front couldn’t even last a single round under Charlie!

With his unparalleled strength, how could these men in black hurt him!

But Olivia and William and the others did not know Charlie’s ability.

They have killing red-eyes at this time, only think, today this thing will be solved forever, kill Charlie and the Queen and end it all!

When the time comes to throw the dirty water of adultery with Helena on Charlie, and then put the Queen’s body temporarily into the freezer, and then in a few days declare that the Queen died of natural causes, the outside world will have absolutely no suspicion.

As for Helena, the witness, after she fell into Aman Ramovich’s plaything, there is no chance for her to see the light of day in this life, so Olivia is not worried that she will leak out today’s events.

When Olivia saw that Charlie was surrounded by people in black and thought that she had won, a black shadow suddenly flew out from the crowd!

The first person in black with a dagger rushed towards Charlie, at this time has broken his hands, and Charlie directly threw him out of the crowd!

Immediately afterward, a different frequency occurred!

One after another, the men in black wailed and flew out from the center of the crowd, each one without exception had his hands broken!

After only ten seconds, all the men in black fell to the ground in agony, their hands are broken, making an unbearable cry!

And Charlie was still standing in place with an arrogant face, not even half a crease in his clothes.

These black-clothed people, the combined strength, can not match a four-star martial artist.

So, in front of Charlie, they were no different from a group of vegetables and chickens.

Olivia as well as William and the others, seeing this situation, were all dumbfounded with fear!

None of them had thought that Charlie’s strength was so powerful!

A dozen well-trained black-clothed men were completely useless in front of him!

The first time William came back to his senses, he turned around and wanted to run out, but before he could run out the door.

He felt his collar being grabbed, and before he could look back, his whole body was thrown out, hitting the wall heavily and rolling down to the ground.

At this time, Charlie had already closed the ward door, looked at Olivia as well as the others, and smiled blandly, “Olivia, do you think I’m counting the flip now?”

Olivia looked at Charlie’s playful look, scared face pale, trembling voice, she asked, “You …… what the h3ll are you …… how could …… How can you have such a strong strength?!”

Charlie sneered and questioned, “Didn’t I introduce myself to you at the airport? What, did you forget my name so quickly?”

Olivia said in fear: “No …… did not forget ……”

Charlie coldly snorted: “Say, what is my name?”

Olivia inwardly fearful to the extreme, panic, said: “Charlie …… Wade ……”

Charlie once again pursued the question, “Who is called Charlie Wade?”

Olivia subconsciously blurted out, “You …… your name is Charlie Wade ……”

Charlie stared at her and said in a cold voice: “Louder, I can’t hear you! Who is called Charlie Wade?”

Olivia’s heart and soul were still, but she could only stiffen her head, raise her voice a few points, and said loudly with a face full of fear: “Your …… name is Charlie Wade!”