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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3600 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3600 Start

Richard said to the others at this time, “Gentlemen, please give us a space to be alone, we have some matters to discuss.”

The people naturally knew the huge problems these two families were currently facing, so they left.

The dealer who was psychologically impressed by Charlie was like a lost soul, so he was taken out by the others.

After there were only four people left, George said, “Gentlemen, we must first reach a consensus, that is, we must stabilize Charlie tonight,”

“Say nothing to let him poke out this matter, otherwise our two families will be all finished!”

Richard sighed and said, “Charlie is asking for 5 billion euros, this is 10,000 times scarier than bandits! Where are we going to get so much money for him?”

Olivia looked at William and said in exasperation, “William! This matter is all your fault for being greedy! Now Charlie wants five billion euros in compensation, and I think you have to pay for all of it!”

“I’ll pay for all of it?” When William heard this, he exploded and said sternly: “Olivia, when you said you wanted half of the money before, I didn’t have a single complaint, but now you want to dump the whole pot on me?”

Richard spoke up at this time: “William! There’s no point in arguing at this point!”

“Both you and Olivia must work together to get through this, otherwise tomorrow at dawn will be the moment when you and our two families will be discredited!”

After saying that, he looked at George and said through clenched teeth, “Charlie asked for five billion euros, we, the Iliad family, can offer at most one billion euros, the rest, please excuse us.”

George sighed.

The Scandinavian royal family is only willing to pay one billion, which left him with a bit of a funding gap indeed.

But, their willingness to pay is already very good, after all, he understands the actual situation of the royal family, taking out one billion cash is definitely their limit.

However, four billion euros in cash is also an impossible task for him.

With his family’s current financial situation, the most he could come up with today would be three billion euros.

If he wanted to take out four billion, he would have to get rid of some of his assets first, and this was not something that could be solved overnight.

So, he spoke: “I simply can’t afford to settle four billion euros right now, that’s nearly five billion dollars! Where am I going to get so much cash?”

Richard asked him, “Then what is the most you can come up with?”

George blurted out, “At most, it’s three billion euros!”

As soon as Richard heard this, he immediately sighed and said, “George, if you expect us to come up with two billion euros, then I can tell you clearly that it’s simply not possible!”

“It’s not that I’m not willing to share with you, but I simply can’t get that much cash! All the assets of the royal family combined are only about three billion euros.”

“And a large part of that is under my mother’s name, and until she dies, no one can touch that asset!”

George also knew that Richard’s words were true, so he asked him powerlessly: “Then what to do? Do we just tell Charlie that we can’t get that much money together?”

“Definitely not ……” Richard said off the cuff: “If you tell Charlie, then he will turn around and stab the matter out, we will be finished!”

Olivia gritted her teeth and said, “I can’t do it, I’ll just k!ll Charlie! Once and for all!”

“How can this be done ……” Richard exclaimed, saying, “If we k!ll him, the Wade family will never let us go! Don’t you forget, now the Wade family people still have the backing of the Front!”

Olivia said with an incomparably gloomy expression, “The best solution to this matter is to k!ll Charlie!”

“k!ll him, then find a way to disguise it as an accident, as long as we do it flawlessly and the others can keep the secret, the Wade family people can’t possibly do anything to us!”

William also seemed to have grabbed the straw at this time and said offhandedly,

“I think Olivia’s solution is very feasible! If we k!ll him, we won’t have to pay 5 billion euros!”

“As long as we handle it cleverly so that no one can find out any actual clues, this matter can be muddled through!”

Olivia’s eyes were thick with the killing intent and coldly said, “We have some special talents in the royal family, and there are many experts who are proficient in the assassination.

She continued: “After Charlie dies, we fake the scene as a fall to his death, and then tell the Wade family that Charlie and Helena committed adultery!”

“And when Charlie went through the window into Helena’s room at night, he lost his footing and fell to his death!”

Speaking of this, the corners of Olivia’s mouth rose slightly, sneering:

“He did not even bring a bodyguard this time, and also in our territory, if we want to k!ll him, it is as easy as moving a hand!”