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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 360 Free Novel

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This is really tricky!

In Chinese and Western medicine, there is no good way to treat it.

If it is really necrotic, basically it can only be scrapped.

So, he hurriedly asked: “How did you do this? It’s not easy to see such special nervous necrosis!”

Fredmen Willson didn’t want to talk about his embarrassment tonight. He said vaguely: “I don’t know what’s going on. It’s just like that. I went to the People’s Hospital just now, where I checked it out and said it was neurological. “

After speaking, he pleaded with a sad face: “Uncle Shi, I was the one you grew up watching. You must help me!”

Tianqi felt very tricky.

This illness is not easy to deal with, even with his medical skills, it can only be said to maintain the status quo so that he will not be necrotic there.

But if you want to cure nerve necrosis and restore function, I’m afraid it’s impossible

So he sighed and said, “Fredmen, your problem is very serious. Nervous necrosis is an international medical problem. It can’t be cured, and I have no good way.”

Fredmen Willson hurriedly asked: “Uncle Shi, I heard from the attending doctor at the People’s Hospital that you can cure even the paralysis below the neck. Why can’t I be cured with such a slight paralysis?”

Tianqi sighed and said, “To tell you the truth, your disease is either incurable or the cost of treatment is too high.”

After speaking, he said again: “I have a magical medicine given by my benefactor in my hand. The effect of this magical medicine is really amazing. You only need to take half a pill and you will get better.”

Fredmen Willson was overjoyed and hurriedly pleaded: “Uncle Shi, then you can give me this medicine! You can’t just watch me become incompetent!”

Tianqi was also a little embarrassed and said sincerely: “Fredmen, uncle tells you the truth. I originally planned to keep this medicine for my life. As you know, I am old and the doctors will not treat themselves, maybe Someday I am dying and I will rely on this medicine to save my life.”

Fredmen Willson hurriedly knelt on the ground and kowtowed his head while begging: “Uncle Shi, you can’t die without saving! You can save me this time because of the face of my father and the friendship between our two families for so many years. Right!”

Tianqi hesitated for a moment, struggling inwardly.

After a while, he let out a long sigh and said, “It’s fine, I’ll give you half of this medicine.”

He received the favor of Fredmen Willson’s father. Although he has been helping their family members to see a doctor for these years, the kindness has long been reported several times or ten times, but now that Fredmen Willson has suffered this kind of injury, he feels that he can’t die. .

Seeing Tianqi finally let go, Fredmen Willson was overjoyed and couldn’t help but thank Tianqi.

Tianqi was about to take out half of the magic medicine he had personally cherished but suddenly saw Zhovia rushing in from outside.

Fredmen Willson was in a good mood. He saw the young and beautiful Zhovia running in and said with a smile, “Oh, Zhovia! Do you know Uncle Willson?”

When Zhovia saw him, she was stunned.

Looking at Grandpa Tianqi, he actually took out half of the magic medicine that Mr. Wade gave him.

She felt a little in her heart, and hurriedly walked over, pulled Tianqi aside, and whispered, “Grandpa, what are you doing?”

Tianqi sighed and said: “Your Uncle Willson is injured, I am going to give him this half magical medicine, as it is to pay back the kindness of his Willson family back then.”

Zhovia hurriedly said: “You can’t help me, grandpa! Let’s not say that you have reported the favor of the Willson family thousands of times a long time ago. Just talk about this wretched Fredmen Willson, do you know who he offended today?!”

Tianqi hurriedly asked: “Who did he offend?”

Zhovia blurted out: “Mr. Charlie Wade!”