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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3597 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3597 Start

Olivia was buried by Charlie’s words this time, embarrassed, she wanted to snap a hole in the floor with her toes and drill herself down to the first floor.

And what bull5hit “Romeo and Juliet”, how could she wait for William to get out of jail?

She now only hate him, can’t wait to clear all relations with him!

Otherwise, he will go to jail, she is also not going to end well after that!

William’s father George, how can he not hear Charlie’s sarcasm and ridicule, seeing he is now completely unwilling to cooperate, his heart has been terrified to the extreme.

He looked at Charlie and begged bitterly, “Mr. Wade, this matter is my fault for not teaching my son properly, as long as you name your conditions, no matter how difficult it is, I will find a way to meet your demands!”

Charlie ignored him, but looked at William and said in a cold voice:

“William if you want me to raise hand, first of all, you must immediately give an honest account of the causes and consequences of the whole matter.”

“This includes who you actually made this decision with, and how many of the people at the scene, in addition to the dealer, are your accomplices!”

William hurriedly said: “No no no …… only the dealer is my accomplice …… he has previous experience of dealing in Las Vegas casino for a lot of years as a dealer, with good gambling skills ……”

“He and I sometimes join hands in such parties to get some cash. This matter from beginning to end is between the two of us, there is no third person’s involvement.”

Charlie said in a cold voice: “Are you telling the truth? I warn you, if you have half a word not telling the truth, I immediately will call the police to deal with you!”

“When the time comes, I will also let the Wade family pressure the Nordic judicial system to demand a strict sentence for you!”

Saying that, Charlie added: “And you have to think clearly, if you are arrested by the police, then you may have to stay in jail for the rest of your life!”

“At that time, I don’t care who the person you want to defend is, but you may not even have the chance to see her, by then others will still be able to live their own dashing life, while you, you will only be able to stay looking out the iron window.”

George heard Charlie’s words, three or two steps to William, another slap fiercely on his face, angrily shouted:

“What time is it still do not tell the truth, do you really want to go to prison? It doesn’t matter if you go to jail yourself, but don’t drag our whole family down!”

Deep inside, William panicked, and subconsciously cried, “I’m telling you! I’m telling you! I’m telling you now! The planner of this matter is Olivia and me, we two together discussed this matter ……”

Olivia heard these words, suddenly furious: “William! Don’t you spit in the mouth! This is all your idea, what does it have to do with me?”

William said aggrieved: “It’s true that I came up with the idea, but you were also very supportive!”

“And you also said, no matter how much money I earn 10%, I have to share half of you, if I can win Charlie’s that Concorde, that plane is also half yours……”