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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 359 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 359 Start

“Do you know god doctor Tianqi?” the attending doctor asked strangely.

Fredmen Willson was overjoyed and laughed: “It’s more than acquaintance! The genius doctor you said is a family friend with our Willson family! In the beginning the genius doctor, it was thanks to the relief of our family that he could achieve what he is now. In Aurous Hill, this is great!”

Speaking of this, Fredmen Willson jumped up from the hospital bed and said to Noah Willson: “Hurry up with me to visit doctor Tianqi, I am saved!”

Asking for the address of Tianqi Clinic, Noah Willson drove quickly and took Fredmen Willson to Clinic.

As soon as he arrived at the gate of the Clinic, Fredmen Willson got out of the car and ran in impatiently.

Before entering the door, he found a man who drove out a young man on crutches.

The young man limped and pleaded: “Little master, little master, please tell me to the genius doctor Tianqi, and say I beg him to help me heal it. As long as he heals my leg, I will give him five million!”

The pharmacy guy said coldly: “I’m sorry Mr. Gao Junwei, we said that the genius doctor said that you have offended the lifesaver of the genius doctor, so no matter how much money you give, he will not treat you!”

After speaking, he said again: “Mr. Gao Junwei, you have come here every day for the past few days, and it has interfered with our normal business. doctor Tianqi said that if you come back tomorrow, he will call the police!”

The young man on the crutches looked very painful, and begged: “Little master, please have a good word with the genius doctor Tianqi, I am willing to give you a million for the benefit!”

The pharmacy guy pushed him all the way out the door, and said coldly: “Please go, don’t come again!”

Noah Willson recognized this young man after going in!

Isn’t this Gao Junwei from the Gao family?

It is said that he offended Charlie at the auto show. When Jacob was hospitalized, he was fouled by Charlie, causing Orvel to thrown him directly from the ward on the third floor of the hospital and it broke his leg.

So he hurried forward and asked in surprise: “Oh, Mr. Gao Junwei, what’s wrong with you?”

“Uncle Willson?” Gao Junwei recognized Noah Willson, sighed, and said, “Don’t mention it, didn’t I break my leg? I have been suffering from sequelae. The doctor said that I might be lame for the rest of my life, so I hurried to seek help from a genius I was treated, but the genius doctor didn’t want to see me at all and drove me out.”

Noah Willson was startled, and he blurted out and asked, “Is it because of Charlie that doctor Tianqi is not willing to save you?”

“Yes,” Gao Junwei gritted his teeth and cursed: “I didn’t expect that even the genius doctor Tianqi would be bewitched by this kind of thief!”

Fredmen Willson asked in surprise: “What’s the situation? Uncle Shi also knows that Charlie?”

Noah Willson nodded and said, “It seems that the relationship is pretty good. I don’t know what’s going on.”

Fredmen Willson said coldly: “How can his relationship with Uncle Shi compare to my relationship with Uncle Shi? I know Uncle Shi when I was three years old. This has been more than 50 years!”

After speaking, he walked in with a haughty look.

As soon as he entered the door, he shouted: “Uncle Shi, save me, Uncle Shi!”

The guy inside who just drove Gao Junwei away said: “Sir, we are already closed. If you want to see the doctor, come back tomorrow!”

Fredmen Willson hurriedly said: “I and Uncle Shi are old friends! Our two families are family friends!”

As he was speaking, Tianqi heard the sound and greeted him from inside.

Seeing Fredmen Willson, he asked in surprise: “Fredmen? Why did you come to Aurous Hill?”

Fredmen Willson said: “It’s a long story, let alone those, Uncle Shi, I’m sick, you can save me.”

Tianqi hurriedly said: “Don’t worry, slowly tell me what’s going on.”

Only then did Fredmen Willson spoke and explained his condition again.

After Tianqi finished listening, he slowly frowned.