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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3585 Free Novel

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The reason is that the card game was improvised, and the person who organized the card game, voluntarily gave up direct participation in the card game, and volunteered to be a dealer.

So in addition to Charlie and Olivia, several other participants did not think about the aspect of cheating.

The real problem lies in this dealer.

The actual problem is that the dealer is an expert in gambling, and he has made a fortune from it, and even if he plays cards with professionals, he can cheat unnoticed, not to mention facing a group of amateurs.

This person has a very fast hand, a very good memory, and superb finger dexterity, comparable to a close-up magician, so when he shuffled the cards, no one knew that he had already memorized the position of each card in his mind.

Then, he cut and inserted the cards seemingly at random, and had already arranged the cards according to his predetermined rules.

And at this time, Olivia also gave each person a pile of chips, said: “Gentlemen, each of our chips are 100 million euros, we first take the use, who first lost, from the hands of others to buy all the 100 million chips of euros to continue to play.”

“Aand finally do not play, we take stock, who has not enough chips 100 million euros, take out the missing part of the money, the winner According to the amount of their respective winnings to share, what do you all think?”

The crowd naturally had no opinion.

After all, Olivia here is not a real casino manager, playing in the casino, we will first spend money to buy chips from the casino, and then go back to the money.

But this kind of private gambling between friends, generally will not buy chips from a person’s hand, but first issued chips, the first to lose money out to buy, so it is also more convenient statistics.

However, just as the others nodded, Charlie spoke: “Let me interject, the chips are only 100 million euros, is it not a little less?”

“This is still less?” A kid whom Charlie did not know said offhand: “Just for fun, one hundred million is quite a lot!”

Charlie waved his hand and said with a look of disdain: “One hundred million euros is not enough, if there are not enough chips, I can’t bet fast enough!”

Olivia asked, “Then what does Mr. Wade mean?”

Charlie laughed: “Simple, all the chips face value multiplied by ten times.”

Saying that, he picked up a 100,000 chips and said, “Look, this 100,000 chips, it represents one million euros, next to this one million, it will be 10 million euros.”

The others couldn’t help but suck in a cold breath.

One of them thought to himself, “Damn, really rich! Entertainment poker games are going to be played to a billion euros, this is too fcuking scary.”

Most of the other people also mean the same thing.

Playing too big is beyond their capacity.

These people can at most lose a few million or a few tens of millions, really lose a hundred million on this occasion, it is absolutely to collapse.

However, William was excited to the extreme.

He knows very well in his heart that he has the secret help of the dealer, absolutely to the death to eat Charlie.

Not to mention a maximum of one billion euros, damn ten billion euros, and counting chicken hair? The good thing is that the winning rate is 100%, so it’s over.

So he opened his mouth and said: “Gentlemen, Mr. Wade is a guest, we must not let Mr. Wade spoil the fun, if you really think the bet is too big, don’t force to press heavy bets.”

Once the people heard this, they could only nod their heads and agree.

After all, here, William is considered half the host, and is a Ruthschild family, face than others, as for Charlie, behind the Wade family is indeed worth more than 100 billion euros, and with the Cataclysmic Front inextricably linked, everyone can only go along with the two of them.

When the dealer saw this, he smiled and said, “Good, since everyone has discussed the rules, then I will now deal the cards.”

Immediately after that, he dealt the first card to the first person on his right hand side, and then kept dealing the cards in order.

After the cards were dealt, the bets began to be placed.