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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3575 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3575 Start

Half an hour later, the convoy drove into the Royal Palace.

The royal family in the Nordic countries has three palaces, and in the capital suburbs, this is the largest of the three, but also the most luxurious.

The entire palace, in fact, is more like a large combination of ancient fortress and manor.

The overall area of hundreds of hectares, the place is so large that there is a golf course inside, and an equestrian venue.

It is said that the value of the building and land of this palace alone is more than three billion euros.

However, because it is a royal patrimony and a symbol of the family, the country’s laws prohibit the royal family from selling it to the public.

Can not be sold, it means that the royal family has actually just a right to use it.

The caravan crossed a large green area and stopped in front of an old castle that was at least a hundred years old.

The members of the Royal Guard immediately came forward and opened all the car doors, and Charlie walked down with Helena.

Seeing Helena return, the royal guards immediately saluted respectfully, “Your Highness Princess Helena!”

Helena nodded slightly in greeting, and immediately after that, Olivia walked over and said to Charlie as well as Amanramovich,

“The rooms for the two guests are ready for you, I will have someone take you there first.”

Amanramovich immediately bowed and said respectfully under his breath, “Thank you, Princess Olivia!”

In contrast, Charlie was not so polite and just said goodbye indifferently.

Olivia saw that Charlie also did not bow, showed much less curtsy, and did not even bother to say a thank you, could not help but be a little upset.

However, once she thought that William was still planning to make a game for Charlie, she did not get angry, on the contrary, she said to him with a fake smile on her face,

“Mr. Wade, there will be a dinner in the banquet hall later, Mr. Wade must be appreciated to attend.”

Charlie did not know what medicine Olivia was selling in her gourd, but to him, all the people in the palace combined, it is impossible to touch him, so he said with an indifferent face: “Okay, I will come there.”

Hearing this, William on the side said with a smile, “That’s really great, today’s guests, in addition to our family and the relatives of the Nordic royal family,”

“There are also some heads of the top four northern European families, then Mr. Wade can also get to know others well.”

Charlie did not expect that even this guy named William was now smiling at him, thus it was clear that this pu55y and Olivia must not have held back any good far.ts in the car just now.

So, he then smiled and said to William: “It seems that Mr. William has already made all the arrangements for me, so I’ll respectfully do as I’m told.”

William immediately laughed and said, “Mr. Wade is too polite, I will let you enjoy tonight!”