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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 357 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 357 Start

People’s Hospital.

Because it was already night, after Noah Willson brought Fredmen Willson to the hospital, he could only hang up an emergency number.

After waiting in line for dozens of minutes, after meeting the doctor, the doctor asked, “Where is it?”

Fredmen Willson sent out Noah Willson, and said to the doctor himself: “Doctor, it seems to be dying all of a sudden, you help me find out what is going on.”

“the instrument?!” The doctor was dumbfounded and said: “This is an andrological disease, and it is not in the emergency department. You should come over tomorrow morning and directly call the andrology doctor to check it for you. We at the emergency department are mainly responsible for headaches, brain fever, accidental injuries, or sudden illnesses.”

Fredmen Willson said angrily: “Doctor is this a sudden illness! Can’t you come to see it?!”

The doctor said embarrassingly: “I have been in the emergency for so many years, and I have never heard of sudden dysfunction. This thing has a process. It works well at first, then gradually becomes less useful, and then it becomes worse and worse. It’s not easy to use, and then it won’t work.”

Fredmen Willson didn’t expect that he would describe it to him in such a detailed manner. He suddenly became angry and scolded: “Are you sick? I asked you to arrange an examination for me. How can you tell me this?”

The doctor was also annoyed and blurted out: “What’s the matter with you? I told you that your illness is not under our emergency care. If you mess around here, I will let the security guard clear you out!”

“You” Fredmen Willson gritted his teeth angrily. After a while, he pointed to the computer in front of him, and said coldly: “Hey Cortana, look at Future Company Group!”

The doctor frowned, “What?”

Fredmen Willson shouted coldly: “I want you to Google Future Company Group!”

The doctor was stunned by his attitude, and subconsciously opened the browser and searched for the Future Company Group.

After opening the encyclopedia of Future Company Group, he saw the head of the chairman Fredmen Willson.

This, isn’t this the Chair of the Commerce committee in front of you?

d*mn it! Turned out to be a big man

The doctor hurriedly said respectfully: “Oh, Chairman Willson, I didn’t know if you are coming, don’t be angry.”

As he said, he hurriedly said: “Well, please describe to me the course of the illness. I will see if I can arrange for a resident to help you go through the back door to check it.”

Fredmen Willson’s face looked a little better now, and he said, “I didn’t have any history of this illness. I was fine yesterday, but I suddenly cannot use it today.”

The doctor asked curiously: “Is it useless at all?”

“Yes!” Fredmen Willson said with a black face, “It’s useless at all!”

The doctor said: “Then this may have something to do with the nervous system. So, Mr. Willson, I will arrange for a neurologist to do an examination for you. What do you think?”

Fredmen Willson waved his hand: “Hurry up!”

The doctor did not dare to neglect him, so he hurried to call the doctor in the inpatient department to help arrange the test.

After all, it’s already night. The outpatient doctors have long since returned home after getting off work. Only the inpatient department has night shift doctors on duty.

Coincidentally, the doctor on duty in the inpatient department happened to be the attending doctor when Charlie’s old-in-law Jacob suffered a spinal injury a few days ago.

The attending doctor performed a series of examinations on Fredmen Willson and looked at the results of various examinations with a grim expression.

Fredmen Willson was lying on the examination bed in a panic.

He can’t feel that piece at all now, he feels that the place has disappeared, let alone use it again.

He had no choice but to use this mouthful in his life. If he couldn’t use it anymore, he might as well die.