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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3569 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3569 Start

At this time in the hangar, wearing a Chanel dress, dressed incomparably delicate Olivia, is holding a young man’s arm, watching the Concorde getting closer and closer.

The young white man is the eldest son of the Ruthschild collateral family, William Ruthschild.

William’s family is rooted in Denmark, across the sea from four northern European countries.

Over the years, William’s family has been hoping to join the second ring of the Ruthschild family ladder, so it has been hiding its light and lying in wait.

Within the Ruthschild family, the overall structure is similar to that of the Wade family, but at the actual execution end, it is much more cumbersome than the Wade family.

The Ruthschild is an old capitalist family, they themselves are engaged in finance to open a bank to start, so the allocation of internal resources is extremely strict.

The family’s lifeline is in the hands of the core family in the United States, and the core family distinguishes between different families’ resource rationing through the practice of scoring ratings for other families.

A second-tier family, the annual resources from the core family, two or three times higher than the third-tier.

So every second and third-tier family is cutting their heads to climb, and the top of the first-tier family, and must do everything possible to stabilize their position, and can not be compared to other families down.

Therefore, this strong internal competition, within the Ruthschild family the overall internal barriers are very strong, all fighting to achieve internal ladder across, it is not an easy task.

William’s family in recent years has been trying to do everything possible to improve their own rating weight.

During this recent period, through their own channels, they learned the news of the Nordic Queen’s critical illness.

Realizing that the young Olivia, will soon become the youngest empress in Northern Europe and even the whole of Europe, they immediately negotiated with the Nordic royal family, hoping to reach a marriage union.

But Olivia has long been up for sale.

Many wealthy people in Europe, in fact, realized that she was about to become an empress, so many of them hoped to marry her.

The whole of Europe, itself has a strong idea of power and nobility as well as feudal residue, almost everyone believes that in royalty, the nobility is superior.

Those who do not have the title of nobility, if you can marry the Queen, will immediately be enthroned as a prince, at the same time by the dukes, which is equal to the instant elevation of the class across.

The reason why William was able to stand out among the many competitors is because of his family.

His family decided to invest two billion euros, accompanied by one billion euros in cash as a bride price, only to press the other competitors down.

William’s family hopes to increase its influence in the whole continent through the support of the royal family so that it can get more weight in the next internal rating of Ruthschild, and thus step up to the second ladder.