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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3567 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3567 Start

Olivia, who was furious to the core, eventually accepted her mother’s advice.

Because although she was angry, she was also very clear about the current situation.

Since Helena had already played a game, it was difficult for her to have a chance to counteract now.

The only way is to wait for her to come, using her mother’s life as blackmail, so that from now on, do not do the same thing, make the same mistakes.

Her father, Richard, saw that she had finally calmed down a bit and said,

“Olivia, since Helena is on a Concorde, I guess she must be at the airport in the evening,”

“So I suggest you go to the airport with William to meet her in advance.”

“I know!” Olivia said in a cold voice: “In order to keep this b!tch from talking nonsense in front of the outside world, I must control all her trips throughout,”

“And confiscate her cell phone when the time comes, so as not to give her the opportunity to transmit information to the outside world!”

Richard nodded appreciatively and said,

“The only problem is that you are too quick-tempered and impulsive, if you can change that too, you will definitely be stronger in the future!”

Olivia said expressionlessly, “As long as I solve Helena, my temper will be under control! She has brought me too many shadows for so many years!”

“When it comes to matters related to her, my emotions are like a powder keg, with a little bit of friction it will blow up!”

Richard patted her shoulder and said comfortingly,

“Don’t worry Olivia, this time, we will definitely solve Helena’s problem once and for all, so that she can honestly help us pull resources together from the Wade family.”

Olivia said with a grim expression, “Actually, I don’t want her to marry into the Wade family anymore, I still want to give her to the Russian Aman Ramovich.”

Richard advised, “Amanramovich’s assets are, at best, a fraction of the Wade family’s, it’s not cost-effective.”

Olivia said seriously, “But Amanramovich is willing to pay the royal family 500 million euros directly if Helena marries him without any problems.”

Richard laughed: “Five hundred million euros is a one-time buyout fee, but hasn’t the Wade family already promised to invest two billion euros here and work with us?”

“And this is only preliminary, there is no telling how much space there will be in the future, so it is certainly not cost-effective to give her to Aman Ramovich.”

Olivia looked at Richard and said very seriously, “Father, you should not forget that Helena’s congenital disease is very serious, she may not live long, if she can only live a few months,”

“Then the Wade family’s funds may only come to a few hundred million euros of start-up funds,”

“Even before the start-up funds are in place, she will already be dead! If she dies, there is no way that family will continue to invest in us!”

Richard’s expression was stunned as he muttered, “Da*n it …… how come I didn’t think of this layer ……”