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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3565 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3565 Start

Twenty minutes later, the Concorde whistled off in the night sky of the city and flew towards Northern Europe at great speed.

What lay before Charlie and Helena was an 8,000-kilometer-long flight path.

Ordinary airliners flew there, at least will take nine hours, but the Concorde only needs four hours to reach the capital of Norway, Oslo City.

And at the same time, in the Nordic short video software, a video quickly fired up.

The woman in the video is Helena Iliad, who is known as the most beautiful woman in Northern Europe.

Although Helena was deprived of the right to inherit the throne, she is still the most popular and beloved member of the royal family.

That’s why she has more than eight million fans on the short video software.

The Nordic countries also only have a population of more than six million people, of which at least half, are Helena’s fans.

In the past, Helena’s short video account was often updated with small clips of her daily life, and many of her fans used these short videos to learn about her life.

However, since it was rumored that Helena went to China and prepared to marry the Chinese family, her account stopped updating.

After a few days, she suddenly updated a video in which she was sitting in a car, saying with an excited face: “Friends! I’m super excited right now! I’m about to take a Concorde back to Northern Europe to attend my sister Princess Olivia’s wedding!”

“Not only will I be attending her wedding, but I’ll be her maid of honor, and I’ll be seeing her enter into marriage! Oh my God, I’m so excited! I was so excited that I almost cried a few times! Please join me in wishing her a happy wedding in advance!”

When they heard that Princess Helena was returning to her home country, the nation was overjoyed, and all of them left messages under her video: “Princess Helena, welcome home!”

In addition, there are also many people in the message to wish Olivia a happy new marriage, the comment section is warm and peaceful.

At this time, it was noon local time in her country.

Olivia, who was having lunch with her parents, suddenly received this video from Helena, and after watching it, she angrily pushed her plate to the ground and said in a cold voice:

“This Helena is really looking for death! I already told her clearly that she would never be allowed to return in her life, but I never thought she would dare to come back!”

“And she came back with so much fanfare! By posting this video, she is blatantly provoking me! Does she think I won’t dare to do anything to her just because she sent this video? Then she is too underestimating me!”

After saying that, she immediately picked up her phone and called Helena.

However, the phone alerted that Helena’s phone was off.

Olivia left a message on her voicemail and said in a cold voice, “Helena! Who gave you the audacity to disobey my orders! If you dare to set foot on Nordic soil, I will kill ……”