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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3553 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3553 Start

Cynthia is indeed very smart.

She knows that when so many people are equally guilty, whoever admits their fault first will have the upper hand.

Moreover, she knew far more about Charlie’s deeds than the others and had experienced more personally.

She had heard before of the way he had taken when he had rectified several experts of the Wu family in Suhang.

He asked Orvel to carve words on the foreheads of those people, who was the first to admit punishment, carved the least words, and for each person after that, the number of words increased by one.

By the end of that person, it is said that the head was carved full of words and there was not enough to use later.

With these previous lessons, how does Cynthia allow others to kneel in front of her?

Charlie also did not expect, Cynthia kneeling so quickly, so then spoke: “You are my aunt, despite a thousand mistakes you are still my elders, even if I am now the head of the Wade family, the division of elders and children can not be chaotic,”

“So you do not kneel to me, kneel to the ancestors of the Wade family kneel!”

Cynthia’s brain reaction speed is very fast, immediately while kneeling while using both knees to adjust the direction, looking at the ancestral grave of the Wade family not far away.

Immediately afterward, she knocked her head on the ground with a bang and cried,

“The ancestors are here! Your unworthy granddaughter, Cynthia, failed to put the face of the ancestors and the interests of the Wade family first,”

“And nearly betrayed the ancestors for glory and recognized the thief as my father, so I am really ashamed of this act in front of ancestors, and I deserve to die! I beg the ancestors to condemn me!”

Cynthia was now completely convinced.

What dignity, what face, what old princess, old baby’s stinky temper, at this moment now all dissipated.

She knew that the most important thing at the moment was to get Charlie’s forgiveness, otherwise, one word from him could make her, the already married Wade family daughter, get out of the family instantly.

In that case, she is really an empty basket of water.

When Charlie saw that Cynthia was so upbeat, he was a bit amused.

However, he nodded with approval on his face and said:

“You can be the first to admit your mistake and take the initiative to confess to the ancestors of the Wade family, proving that you are more conscious than others since this is the case, you should also be sentenced lightly!

Once Charlie’s words came out, Andrew, Morgan, as well as Changyun, Hawade, and others, all ran like crazy to the front of the Wade family’s ancestral tomb.

One by one grabbed the most central position and kneeled on the ground with a poof, without saying a word they began to kowtow desperately to admit their mistakes.

For a while, the rhythm of the gang’s desperate kowtowing, with the extraction of oil with the kind commonly known as kowtowing oil pumping machine, looks quite comical.

Charlie did not say anything, just expressionlessly watching them this scrambling to kowtow and confess.

His heart is very clear, aunt Cynthia is really convinced since really convinced, the future can naturally remain in the Wade family to serve the Wade family, but the gang in front of him now, each one is full of fancy, who can not be lightly forgiven!

This group of people bam kowtow half a day, the more kowtow the more painful at the same time, but also the more kowtow the more bottomless.

They originally thought that as long as they behaved positively and piously, Charlie would definitely be as lenient as he was with Cynthia.

But unexpectedly, everyone has been kowtowing for half a day, Charlie has not even said a word so far.

No way, no one dares to stop, they can only kowtow continuously, one after another, one kowtowing till the head is blue and purple.