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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 355 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 355 Start

Fredmen Willson did hold back the evil fire, and he needed Wendy to help to vent, otherwise, he would have to hold back the sickness!

Therefore, immediately after returning to Willson’s house, Fredmen Willson couldn’t wait and pulled Wendy to go upstairs.

Noah Willson and Horiyah in the living room were embarrassed on their faces when they saw the two come in and went straight upstairs without saying hello.

Seeing that the two were rushing upstairs, the Old Mrs. Willson coughed and said: “Wendy can keep up with Chairman Willson, that is her blessing, you two should not think about it.”

Noah Willson nodded awkwardly, and said, “Mom, I didn’t think about it, but I felt a little awkward.”

Old Mrs. Willson said disdainfully: “What’s so awkward about this? Isn’t it enough if you have money? The five million that Chairman Willson gave to Wendy, is it now in your hands?”

Noah Willson nodded and said, “Yes, mom, in my hands.”

The Old Mrs. Willson said earnestly: “If Wendy and Chairman Willson have a better relationship, let alone five million, what does it count as fifty million? At that time, will all this money go into your pocket?”

Upon hearing this, Noah Willson felt much better.

The reason why he promised his daughter to be together with Fredmen Willson was simply because of the money.

Fredmen Willson invested 10 million in the Willson Group and gave another 5 million to Wendy. This is a big deal, and this is just the beginning. Over time, he will definitely invest more money in the group.

Thinking of this, Fredmen Willson immediately disappeared from the previous embarrassment and took his wife Horiyah back to his room on the first floor.

As soon as he entered the house, he said anxiously: “My wife, the flat floor that we saw at Tomson last time, the down payment is five or six million, and we can also make up the first payment, but the decoration inside, I can’t handle it, but now that Fredmen Willson has given Wendy the five million, we add the money and there is no pressure to buy the big flat!”

Horiyah was overjoyed at first and soon said with a gloomy expression: “I don’t want to live on the first-class floor of Tomson. Jacob’s family and the Rubbish Charlie live in the villa area inside. I will live outside of them, stand guard for them, let them laugh at me? I won’t go!”

Fredmen Willson said: “In this way, we are now in the early ten million, and we will talk to Wendy tomorrow, let her blow the pillow breeze in the ears of Chairman Willson, and see if we can let Chairman Willson sponsor us millions more At that time, we will buy a villa with a down payment!”

Although Tomson’s villas cost hundreds of millions at every turn, the prices of other villas in Aurous Hill are not too high.

A villa with a detached house, normally only 20 to 30 million, with a down payment of 40, the money on hand is enough.

However, decorating the villa is also a huge expense. At least three to five million must be prepared for decoration, so Noah Willson and his wife cannot afford it.

However, if Fredmen Willson can sponsor a little, wouldn’t it be easy to solve?

Horiyah couldn’t help getting excited and said, “You said, can Fredmen Willson give us some subsidies?”

Noah Willson smiled and said: “With the face of our family Wendy, I have to show him no matter what, I think he still likes our Wendy.”

Horiyah nodded, her expression full of joy, and the interface said: “Actually, it’s really good for Wendy to follow Fredmen Willson. At least he can’t lose money. Chairman Willson is much brighter than Gerald’s kid. Wendy has been with Gerald for so many years and even had a baby for him. He didn’t say to give Wendy millions of pocket money!”

Noah Willson nodded repeatedly and said seriously: “That’s what I said! The family surnamed White is not a good thing!”

Horiyah waved her hand: “Forget it, let’s not talk about the one that suffered thousands of swords. They will be thundered and killed every day, so let’s talk about the house. There are quite a lot of Aurous Hill villas, let’s drive tomorrow. Take a look?”

“Okay! Then first go to our this other place in Aurous Hill. I heard that the villa is not bad!”

The two of them were thinking about the new house when they suddenly heard a violent noise from upstairs at this time.