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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3547 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3547 Start

When Charlie repaired Joseph’s fourth meridian, Luther could no longer see Joseph’s cultivation.

The only ones who could see Joseph’s cultivation were the few five-star commanders left in the Cataclysmic Front.

As for Harmen and Walter, the two iron wastes, have completely rested.

When the fifth meridian of Joseph was also repaired, no one could tell his current real cultivation except Charlie.

Immediately after that, the remaining meridians were also restored one by one.

It felt like the eight meridians that he had just broken were completely restored as before.

What was even more unimaginable to Joseph was that his eight meridians had been blessed by the disaster, and after recovering one by one, they all reached a state of great perfection.

Now Joseph was no longer an eight-star martial artist, he had entered the Ming Realm, the realm of Great Perfection.

His benefactor, who had gone from an eight-star martial artist to the Great Perfection of the Ming Realm, had taken more than ten years.

However, with Charlie’s help, it only took him a few minutes!

Such a huge improvement in an instant made him incomparably shocked inside, and he even had a feeling of being in a different world.

If this thing hadn’t really happened to him, he absolutely couldn’t believe that there was such a powerful ability in this world.

He could feel that what Charlie used was much more powerful and magical energy than internal force.

This reminded him of what his mentor said back then, he said that in this world, martial artists are only the lowest level of power above ordinary people.

Above the martial artist, there are many systems of power far beyond the martial path, which for martial artists, most likely never have the chance to touch in their lifetime.

Seeing that Charlie had such a divine ability, he was immediately certain that Charlie’s power system was definitely not the set of martial artists, but a great divine ability that was a layer higher than martial arts, or even a few layers higher.

As if reborn, he once again heavily kowtowed to Charlie and said gratefully: “Mr. Wade, thank you for your rebuilding grace!”

“Now that your subordinate has reached the full completion of the Ming realm, I will definitely do everything I can for you for the rest of my life, and I will die even if the time comes!”

Joseph’s words struck all the martial artists present like a thunderbolt.

Who would dare to believe that Charlie not only helped Joseph recover his meridians but also allowed him to ascend to the heavens in one step and become a Ming Realm Great Perfection!

Who would have dared to believe that in this life, there was a chance to see a top martial artist of the Ming Realm with his own eyes!

He thought that just now, Charlie’s restoration of Joseph’s meridian was already a miracle, but never thought that the real miracle was here!

To break and then stand, to stand to perfection, this was simply a great miracle that turned decay into magic!

For a while, countless people looked up to Charlie even in more daze, and at the same time were envious of Joseph, feeling that Joseph had simply met the most precious chance in the world.

In fact, Charlie did not want to help Joseph to improve his cultivation, but his meridians had already passed eight, but basically did not enter the great perfection realm completely unobstructed.

This time, after breaking, he directly allowed all meridians to completely open up after the reconstruction of true qi.

With all eight meridians unblocked, it was only natural that Joseph became a top martial artist in the Ming realm.

However, Charlie did not take advantage of Joseph for nothing.