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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3540 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3540 Start

Several soldiers of the Cataclysmic Front immediately said respectfully, “Your subordinates follow orders!”

When Chengfeng heard this, he couldn’t help but shiver and said, “I’m not going to Syria! I won’t go!”

Charlie said impatiently, “Gag him first, and then tie him to the white jade pillar of the pagoda! Tomorrow, send him away with Zynn!”

When Zynn heard this, he was terrified and hurriedly said, “Dad! You can’t go to Syria, that place is a poor mountain nest, and every day there is a constant battle, it is 10,000 times more painful than prison!”

For Zynn, he did not want to go back for the millionth time.

However, he also knew in his heart that even if he begged Charlie, Charlie could not change his mind.

The only way to save him from going back to Syria was to hurry up and let his daughter Zhiyu become the head of the Su family.

Because Charlie had once said that if Zhiyu could become the head of the family, Zynn could come back.

Just now, when he heard that Charlie wanted the old man to step aside, the first possibility that came to his mind, and the only one, was that Charlie wanted his daughter Zhiyu to sit as the Su family head.

But just when he felt that his time was coming, he did not expect that the old man would dare to disobey Charlie’s wishes.

Chengfeng was also in disarray at this time.

He previously thought that he was at least the head of the top domestic family, Charlie words are nothing and he cannot get him abroad, or if this spreads, the Wade family will certainly become a target.

However, Charlie is not a fool, he himself certainly can not openly kidnap Chengfeng, so simply let the Cataclysmic Front to take action.

This is a kind of mercenary organization that even dares to fight in civil wars in other countries, let alone a mere Chengfeng.

So, at this time, Chengfeng’s heart was already panicked to the extreme.

Zynn was afraid that Chengfeng would annoy Charlie and end up in a wooden boat, so he shouted out loud: “Dad! You must not think that Charlie is joking with you! I have been sent to Syria by him for a long time!”

“Look at me now, I’m so fcuking skinny! And not only did he kidnap me, but Shoude is also held in a dog pound for several months, and has not yet had the chance to be released!”

“If you do not give in, Charlie will definitely send you to Syria, on your body now, if really sent to Syria, can live for a year and a half is a high incense!

Chengfeng listened to these, only to feel the liver tremble.

Only then did he finally understand that Charlie was able to subdue even the Cataclysmic Front and dare to kidnap even his own two sons, so he couldn’t just be scaring him.

If really sent to Syria, then really have a great ability also can not escape back, that Hamid’s ability he heard, and even the Cataclysmic Front can not attack him, if he was really sent there, with the Su family’s ability to protect the courtyard, it is impossible to save himself.

In that case, the only thing that awaits him is death!

At this moment, those several soldiers of the Cataclysmic Front had grabbed him by the arms, and one of them took out a towel that he didn’t know what it was for, and directly tried to stuff it into his mouth.

At this moment, Chengfeng’s face was white with fear, his eyes were wide open, and he said in despair: “Don’t tie me up! I choose the first one! I’ll choose the first one!”

After saying that, he looked at Charlie and choked, “Mr. Wade, I am willing to give up the family headship to Zhiyu, so please give me a chance! I’ll sign all the paperwork and move to the Maldives!”

“And the Maldives ……” Charlie said in a cold voice: “Long ago I let you choose you did not choose, and now the conditions have changed! The Maldives is not a choice anymore, so do not think about it, there is a country in Africa called Madagascar, do you want to know in advance?!”