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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3533 Free Novel

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Although Joseph’s meridians were destroyed, wielding a knife to kill himself was still more than enough for him.

He used all his strength in this slash, and it was fierce because he only wanted to use this slash to end his life simply and quickly.

The reason why he wanted to be crisp is because he didn’t want so many people to watch him twitch in place for a long time before he died a miserable death.

At this moment, he has long been ready to die.

And many soldiers of the Cataclysmic Front, also understand that all this has become a foregone conclusion, no one is able to return to the past.

But at the moment when the short blade in the hands of Joseph pierced his mourning clothes, cutting the skin of his chest and almost pierced his heart, Charlie’s toe kicked lightly, and an aura surged into the short blade from the tip of his foot.

Immediately after, just as Joseph actually stabbed the short blade towards his heart, the short blade suddenly turned into pieces in front of his chest, instantly cracked and dissipated in the air!

At this moment, everyone was dumbfounded, and Joseph himself could not believe it!

He found that the short blade in his hand disappeared, and when he looked down, all that was left was some fine dust-like powder in the palm of his hands!

His entire brain did not react, why did the blade turn into powder with Charlie’s touch, secondly he doesn’t understand why Charlie at this time suddenly saved him.

He subconsciously raised his head, looking at a bemused Charlie, subconsciously asked: “Wade …… Mr. Wade …… you this is ……”

Charlie said indifferently: “Yesterday when Harmen came to the door, my grandfather had told him about a past event.”

Saying that, Charlie looked at Joseph and spoke, “Do you know what my father said back then when he heard that your father had jumped to his death?”

Joseph shook his head gently with a blank expression and said in a low voice: “I don’t know …… please Mr. Wade elaborate!”

Charlie turned to look in the direction of his parents’ tomb in the distance and said softly: “My father said that he did not kill Arthur, but Arthur died because of his own actions.”

“Even though he won over your father justly, but after hearing about your father’s death, he still felt guilty about it, the so-called compassionate people, said should be his kind of person.”

Joseph ashamed incomparable said: “Your father he …… indeed had the love and righteousness …… back then I was young, but also heard many rumors about him, many people mentioned him are very admired ……”

“Yes!” Charlie nodded, and then said lightly: “Joseph, you are considered very filial, but in my eyes, only a half filial son, do you know why?”

Joseph shook his head and said, “I would like to hear more about it ……”

Charlie said seriously: “Filial obedience, if only to understand the word to avenge their parents, or for their parents to die, is not a little one-sided, because you ignore the more important heritage!”

“We have a five-thousand-year-old history, if you have to condense it down, it is actually nothing more than the word heritage!”

“Inheritance, broken down to see, is the inheritance and transmission, in the end, each person should do to carry on, not letting everything you have now to nobody after yourself.”

“People say that they should inherit the philosophy and wisdom of the old ancestors for the past sage;”

“Ordinary people may not be able to reach the height of learning of the saints, at least to learn to have a teacher, to pass on the knowledge you learned from your teachers, your parents, and elders, and give it to your descendants;”

“Even if you can’t even learn to be a teacher, at the very least, you should continue to pass on the bloodline passed down to you by your parents, instead of breaking your own family’s descendants.”

Speaking of this, Charlie saw Joseph once again in tears, so then a slight beat, continued: “Think about it, you flow, not just your parents’ bloodline, but your parents two families, thousands of years all the way down the bloodline!”

“These bloodlines have survived countless wars and disasters, and now, they are going to be broken in your body. Do you think your parents will forgive you if you go to see them and accompany them like this?”

Hearing this, Joseph already sobbed, so ashamed that he did not even dare to look up.