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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3530 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3530 Start

Charlie’s expression is still as cold as ice, opened his mouth and asked, “Joseph, you still do not understand the situation, what makes you ask me to raise my hand? What makes me want to raise my hand to you?”

Joseph saw Charlie was not moved in the slightest, his heart was ashen, suddenly turned his head and looked at his parents’ coffin and bawled: “Dad …… mom …… son unfilial …… son sorry to you two, let you two go for so many years and still be implicated by your son …… sorry …… really sorry ……”

At this time, Liona’s nose was sour, really some of them can not see it anymore, immediately out of the crowd, looking at Charlie, pleading: “Charlie, for the sake of Joseph sincerely know the wrong, just forgive him this time ……”

When Joseph saw Liona, he immediately recognized her and was dumbfounded: “Du …… Auntie Du …… How come you are also here ……”

Liona looked at him with a sympathetic face and sighed: “Charlie saved me and Zhiyu before, we heard that you were coming up Waderest, worried that Charlie was in danger so we rushed over here overnight.”

“Originally wanted to come out of our way to beg you for a higher hand, but did not expect …… hey ……”

Joseph’s tears completely can not stop, said tragically: “Sorry Auntie …… for giving you trouble …… I do not ask Mr. Wade can let me go, only that he can let my parents go, a thousand mistakes.”

“It is my fault, I didn’t see right and wrong, and out of self-importance, I spoke wild words, will Mr. Wade spare my parents bones ……”

Speaking of this, Joseph lowered his head, choked to the point of some trembling said: “I also know, Mr. Wade how to treat me, I deserve it …… even if he wants to return the way of others, but also I am to blame for ……”

“But …… but I am really ashamed for my parents ……”

“So many years …… so many years I have not been able to come back to give them a kowtow and burn incense ……”

“Now I’ve finally come back, and I’ve disturbed their spirits, moved them out of the tomb, and now I’ve dragged them down to their bones after death ……”

“I …… I really can’t forgive myself …… even if I die, I can’t forgive myself ……”

Zynn is in tears, turned around, and kneeled in front of Charlie, begging, “Mr. Wade, Joseph has already paid the price for his arrogance, just please lift up your hand and spare him this time!”

Zhiyu, who could not bear to look at this moment, said, “Dad! Mom! Today’s matter is a personal grudge between Grace and Joseph! And it was Joseph who provoked him in the first place, so don’t morally kidnap him here!”

Zhiyu has always been clear about right and wrong.

Right is right!

Wrong, is wrong!!!

If you do something wrong, you have to bear all the consequences!

You want to kowtow and beg for forgiveness after losing, why should others forgive you if you kowtow?

When Zhiyu said so, the expression on Liona’s face is even more confused, she lightly sighed, said: “Zhiyu, Joseph certainly has a fault, but he has already paid the price for his mistake ……”

Zhiyu nodded and said seriously, “It is true that the price has been paid, but whether the price paid is enough is not up to you and Dad, it is up to the Grace!”

Joseph also choked with despair at this point: “Uncle, Auntie, you two do not plead for me, everything I have today, is self-inflicted, can not blame anyone ……”

Charlie, who had not said anything, saw that Joseph had completely despaired, and then suddenly spoke faintly: “Joseph, whether to kill you and your men, or whether to bruise your parents, everything is in my thoughts!”

“I can reject you ironically and ruthlessly, or I can let you off with a net, but why should I do that?”

Joseph was still kneeling on the ground, his head was already broken and bleeding, and the coarse mourning clothes on his body were soaked with blood, which was unbearable, but he still endured the pain and blurted out,

“If Mr. Wade can give me and my parents a higher hand, I, Joseph, swear to heaven and to the spirits of my parents in heaven! I will follow Mr. Wade in my life and work for him as a cow and a horse!”

“I will follow Mr. Wade all my life! Even if Mr. Wade asks me to jump off of Waderest Mountain, I will not complain!”

Those who had been scared out of their wits, seeing Joseph in such a miserable state, all of them were heartbroken.

One of them suddenly knelt on the ground, kowtowed to Charlie, raised his head, full of tears, and shouted: “I beg Mr. Wade to be kind to the parents of the Supreme Master, I, would like to be a cow and a horse for Mr. Wade in this life, to repay Mr. Wade’s great kindness!”

Immediately after that, another person knelt down and kowtowed, then shouted, “I am also willing!”

“I am also willing!”

There was even a female warrior of the Front who also knelt down and kowtowed and choked, “I am also willing!”

With these few people at the beginning, almost all of the other soldiers knelt down, and the sound of clear and vigorous kowtowing resounded throughout the entire Waderest Mountain!