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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3529 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3529 Start

At this moment, the expressions of everyone at the scene were shocked and appalled.

No one had expected that Joseph, as an eight-star martial artist, would completely admit defeat by cutting his own meridians without even fighting Charlie!

Even Charlie himself was slightly amazed.

He had expected Joseph to fight to the death, but to his surprise, he had directly cut his own meridians.

At this moment, Joseph once again knocked his head hard on the ground and said in a loud voice: “A thousand mistakes, it is my fault alone, I beg Mr. Wade to arrange for my parents to be reburied,”

“And I also beg Mr. Wade to spare these men who have followed me in the battle for many years, as for myself, as long as you say a word, I would like to kowtow to death in front of you!”

To Joseph, he had long realized that he could not possibly be Charlie’s opponent, and these men of his could not possibly be Charlie’s opponent either.

Those helpers behind Charlie hadn’t even made a move yet, and his side had lost three Battle commanders, not to mention that his men were now scared out of their wits by this man.

And even if they still dared to fight Charlie to the death, they couldn’t possibly have any chance of winning.

The biggest possibility is that the whole army will be wiped out.

At that time, he and his men would not be spared, and his parents’ coffin would also fall into Charlie’s hands.

Therefore, Joseph decided to break his own meridians and kowtow to Charlie, just to save his parents’ coffins and also to leave the other members of Front stay alive.

As for his own life, he had already put it aside.

As long as he could satisfy Charlie and make him spare his parents and his other men, he would have no complaints if he died here.

Chengfeng almost fainted at this moment.

He still expected Joseph to become his solid backing in the future, but now, Joseph had already destroyed his own meridians and become a ruined man.

On Charlie’s side, many people felt that this scene was very exciting, but Liona’s expression was filled with a bit of intolerance.

She saw Joseph growing up, and seeing him now so miserable, her heart could not help but sympathize, and even hoped that Charlie would be able to let this go and not pursue the matter any further.

However, when she thought of Charlie before Joseph came up to Waderest Mountain, she told herself that she should not plead for him, so she didn’t know how to speak at once.

At this moment, Charlie expressionlessly looked at Joseph and said in a cold voice: “The reason you cut your own meridians is because you are too weak and want to ask for my forgiveness.”

“It seems to be quite courageous, but in fact, it is only a broken wrist strategy! All you did was to save your parents’ corpse and coffin! I won’t buy your account!”

Upon hearing these words, Joseph’s whole body collapsed, and he bowed violently, knocking his head to the ground!

At this time, his forehead was already full of blood, and several large gouges were bleeding continuously, but even so, he still stood up and begged loudly, “Mr. Wade, please spare my parents!”

Charlie was still unmoved.

When he raised his head, blood was already flowing all over his face, and he continued to beg loudly, “Mr. Wade! Please, please give me a hand! Let my parents go!!!”

Charlie looked normal, not looking at the bloodied Joseph in the slightest.

After all, Joseph had previously threatened to bruise his parents, so even if he really died here, Charlie would not have the slightest sympathy.

Seeing this, Joseph once again made a fiercely knocked down, this time smashed full of blood almost gushing out, the mouth weak to the extreme said,

“Mr. Wade …… please …… beg you …… please raise …… your hand …… spare …… spare my …… spare my …… parents ……”