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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3518 Free Novel

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After saying that, Charlie smiled and asked him, “Harmen, haven’t you been yelling about killing me since yesterday? What, is this all your strength?”

Harmen was even more terrified, he was afraid that Charlie would immediately kill him, and subconsciously pleaded, “Mr. Wade! It’s because I’m not aware of Mount Tai! Please spare me once ……”

“Spare your life?” Charlie’s eyelids raised, coldly asked: “Those people you killed in the past, did you spare their lives? And you, who have you spared?”

Harmen’s expression suddenly froze.

He had killed countless people over the years.

With his strength, he had fought overseas for so many years and had hardly met any opponents who could compete with each other, so every time he went on an expedition, he was able to win with a crushing advantage.

And every time he won, the defeated party would also be as he is now, bitterly begging, but he never had a soft hand.

Now, the wind and water turn, it’s finally his turn to beg others to spare his life!

And Charlie, obviously not ready to let him go!

He looked at Harmen, the corners of his mouth suddenly rose a few points, revealing a playful and cruel smile.

Charlie’s sudden and strange smile made Harmen’s heart instantly seem to fall into an ice cave.

Although he didn’t know what Charlie wanted to do to him, he could realize that he was going to be finished!

Just then, Charlie’s right hand that grabbed Harmen’s fists suddenly reversed his wrist!

Immediately afterward, Harmen felt as if both of his arms were sent into a meat grinder with powerful horsepower.

Then, the two arms were twisted together like a twist!

The pain started from the wrists of both hands and spread all the way to the arms!

He could even feel his wrists break first, followed by his small arms, elbows, and shoulder joints ……

The pain that penetrated deep into the marrow of the soul was not terrible, what was even more terrible was that the pain seemed to carry a virus, which rapidly invaded his body and made all his inner strength disappear in this instant.

At this moment, Harmen’s heart surged with deep fear!

So, he could no longer hold back, his legs bent, he involuntarily kneeled on the ground, and shouted in despair: “Ah …… my hand …… my arm… …so painful ah!”

Charlie used facts to prove that the so-called experts, although strong, may really be afraid of pain.

Harmen has been practicing martial arts for so many years, but he has never experienced this kind of pain, having both arms twisted into twists alive.

In addition to the disappearance of internal force all over the body, the psychological and physical defenses are collapsing in an instant.

Therefore, he could only follow the direction of Charlie twisting his arms, subconsciously kneeling on the ground.

And the other people on the scene, seeing this scene, each and every one of them is like being struck by lightning!

Who would dare to believe that a strong six-star martial artist, not only was his full strength strike silently dissolved by Charlie, but even more outrageous, his arm was directly twisted into a twist by Charlie!

The fractured bone scraps pierced through the flesh in several locations, and blood gushed out along the wounds, which was shocking to the eyes!

Harmen’s pain was several times to faint, but the progression is again awakened by the intense pain, the mouth had to let out a pig-like howl, in an attempt to relieve the pain brought about by the violent impact.

At that moment, Charlie said in a cold voice: “In vain you have practiced martial arts for many years, but in the end, this is the basis for many evil deeds, today, I will do justice to heaven and abolish all your cultivation!”

As soon as the words left his mouth, Harmen felt that the six meridians in his body that had been opened were suddenly rushed in by an extremely powerful force!

This feeling was as if the magma in the earth’s crust was about to burst out of the crater, so powerful that it was simply unbearable!

In just an instant, he felt that all six of his meridians had been broken!

Years of hard training to become a six-star martial artist, but in this instant, ashes, and dust!

“My meridians …… my meridians …… are just gone! It’s all gone just like that!”

Harmen muttered under his breath and suddenly let out a loud cry!

All his psychological support completely collapsed in this instant!