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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3512 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3512 Start

“Hiss ……,” Joseph gritted his teeth and took a long breath when he heard the two words Changying Wade!

Chengfeng on the side was also stunned!

Even in his wildest dreams, he never thought that changying’s son would still be alive after so many years of disappearance and that he would return to the Wade family!

At this moment, Joseph looked at Charlie with a fierce smile on his face and said with a bit of excitement: “I said you look so familiar! It’s true that you look like changying!”

After saying that, he suddenly looked up to the sky and laughed long, with a bit of madness, and said, “Hahaha! The sky is really not to blame! I’ve been thinking, I’ve been thinking, changying has been dead for so many years,”

“How in the end I should take revenge on him! The best means I could think of was to dig out his coffin and bury him in his bones! But to my surprise, his son is still alive!”

Immediately after that, Joseph put away his smile and stared at Charlie like a dead man, coldly saying,

“Today, I’ll chop off your head in front of changying’s grave! I will let his soul in the eighteenth level of hell never rest and never be reborn!”

Charlie was angered by his words, but did not immediately show it, said indifferently: “Remember, villains usually die from talking too much!”

Harmen couldn’t stand it and said, “Charlie, you really don’t see the coffin and don’t shed a tear! To deal with trash like you, we don’t need our master to take action, I’ll kill you!”

Joseph sternly shouted, “You shut up! He is the son of my father’s enemy, I have to kill him with my own hands to relieve my hatred!”

Harmen said in a panic, “Supreme Commander, I am talking too much, please punish me!”

Joseph ignored him, but looked at Charlie and coldly said, “Don’t say I won’t give you a chance, in front of your parents and my parents, the two of us will have a good fight to see who is stronger than who!”

At this moment, Joseph was eager to kill Charlie on the spot in front of his parents’ coffin, in front of Charlie’s parents’ mausoleum!

Because, only this is the best and most perfect way to take revenge!

Only in this way, could he tell his parents that their son was stronger than changying’s son!

Only in this way could his parents’ spirits in heaven understand that they did not win against changying back then, but their son won against changying’s son!

This also means that his father finally won changying!

At the same time, it will also let changying’s spirit in heaven see clearly that his win twenty years ago is nothing, twenty years later, he will get it all back with interest!

Faced with the provocation of Joseph, Charlie snorted, pointed at Harmen, and said indifferently: “Let him come, I have a deal with him first, because he said yesterday that he would be the first to kill me today, and I also said, a deal is a deal!”

Joseph said in a cold voice, “What? Do you want to die under someone else’s hands? Let me tell you, I won’t let you get what you want!”

Charlie said contemptuously, “Don’t be so fcuking sentimental, I just don’t want to come up and bully you first, so pick a softer persimmon and pinch it first, you can watch from the side, when I’m done with him, then I’ll come back and clean you up!”

“Fcuk!” Joseph was simply furious!

He pointed at Charlie and cursed through gritted teeth, “You’re really fcuking eloquent! I’ve killed countless people over the years, and none of them have had a more cheap mouth than yours!”

The other commanders of the Cataclysmic Front were also going crazy with anger.

They had followed Supreme Commander Joseph for so many years, which outside world did not kneel down and beg for mercy when they heard the name, Joseph Wan?

This kid was the only one who cursed the Supreme Commander, this is a big fucking shame!

So, one person in the Front immediately stood out and arched his hand towards Joseph and said in a loud voice: “Supreme Commander! Please allow me to fight on your behalf and tear this ba5tard’s mouth apart!”

Without waiting for Joseph to speak, Charlie looked at him and cursed, “What are you? Get the hell out of here! I said that I have to honor my promise with this fool first!”

As he spoke, Charlie’s hand was already pointing at the white-clothed Tiger King Harmen.

Harmen knew that the stupid ba5tard in Charlie’s mouth was about him.

At this moment he was really going to be angry and blind.

He looked at Joseph and said eagerly, “Supreme Commander! Let me go, I’ll tear him up!”

Joseph at this moment had a gloomy expression as he glanced at Charlie, then said to Harmen, “You can only tear his mouth, his life will be left to me!”

Hearing these words, Harmen immediately nodded and said, “Your subordinate follows orders!”

After saying that, he looked at Charlie and said with gritted teeth, “Kid! Come on! See how I’ll tear your mouth, up to behind your ears!”

Charlie looked at him disdainfully, then looked at Joseph and said in a cold voice:

“Wan, since it’s in front of the spirits of your parents and mine, let’s both set a rule, what do you think?”

Joseph looked at him and asked in a cold voice, “What rules do you want to set?”

Charlie laughed: “The rules are very simple, I will fight with this fool, no matter what I beat him into, you and your people can not help, let alone run!”

Joseph snorted, “Charlie ah Charlie, you are really interesting! Harmen is one of the four battle commanders under my command, his strength is a six-star martial artist, just by you, you still want to win him?”

Hearing this, Charlie just smiled lightly and said, “Four great battle commanders, six-star martial artist, it sounds quite bluffing.”

Saying that, Charlie asked with a playful smile, “But I heard that the most powerful of the four battle commanders under your command is called Walter Chen, you came to China this time, how come you didn’t bring him along with you?”