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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 351 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 351 Start

Just as Claire felt that Charlie had undergone tremendous changes, Fredmen Willson, who had escaped from the venue, returned with his four bodyguards aggressively!

These four bodyguards are the four most capable of playing under his hand, and their strength is extraordinary.

In his opinion, with these four people, it was so easy to kill Charlie!

However, he was not prepared to kill Charlie in the crowd.

He thought, first in the crowd, forcing Charlie to call himself grandfather! Get the face he lost just now, and then destroy Charlie’s roots!

After that waiting for today, looking for another opportunity to kill Charlie!

The previous is just asking for some interest, and only by killing Charlie, in the end, can he relieve his hatred!

After all, he has lived for more than fifty years and has never been as embarrassed as he is today!

After rushing into the venue with his bodyguards, Fredmen Willson pointed at Charlie and shouted: “Whoever crushed his thing to me, I will give him one million!”

One million is a huge sum of money for the bodyguards, and the four bodyguards rushed towards Charlie at the same time!

Claire saw the four strong men madly rushing towards Charlie, she screamed in fright and wanted to pull Charlie away.

But Charlie stood still, motionless.

escape? move from here!

How could the dignified young master of Wade family be scared away by this kind of battle?

Scared? Not even there!

Not to mention that I am the young master of Wade family, just with the Nine Profound Heavenly Secrets, these three-legged cat Kung Fu bodyguards cannot be his opponents!

The four bodyguards looked at Charlie at this time, completely treating him as a bundle of banknotes! They were afraid that they could not get it, so they rushed to him desperately.

Charlie smiled and locked his eyes on the movements of the four at the same time, just waiting for them to rush to the front, and directly destroy them all!

A bodyguard who had practiced sprinting quickly took the lead. He grinned and said to Charlie: “Smelly boy! Dare to provoke Fredmen Willson, I will kill you!”

As soon as the voice fell, people had already arrived in front of Charlie.

Just when everyone thought that Charlie was bound to face a severe beating, Charlie suddenly jumped on the spot and kicked the man’s chest fiercely.


The bodyguard with a height of 1.9 meters turned into a human shell and flew out!

His 14 ribs were kicked and broken by Charlie!

There are only twenty-four ribs in total, Charlie kicked most of them with one kick!

When he flew out upside down, there was still a spurt of blood in his mouth, which looked miserable.

And the three people behind were suddenly caught!

Originally, he was following the opponent and rushed forward, for fear that he would not be the first to make a million.

As a result, he didn’t expect this person to suddenly become a powerful human cannonball, directly hitting the three of them, and instantly knocking them to the ground!


The scene exclaimed!

No one thought that Charlie would have such a powerful force with a kick!

A woman next to him exclaimed, “This! This is impossible!”

Charlie glanced at her and sneered: “Impossible? Even if there are tens of them, they don’t deserve to be compared with me!”

Charlie is not arrogantly bragging!

Although martial artists are very strong, he has not exceeded the scope of an ordinary person.

And he has the Nine Profound Sky Secrets by his body, and the body has been strengthened by an aura, no matter how strong an ordinary person is, he can never be compared with Charlie!

At this time, of the four bodyguards, the one who was kicked first had passed out.

The remaining three were also smashed to the ground, fractured all over their bodies, lying on the ground wailing.