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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3507 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3507 Start

Hawade didn’t expect Morgan to suddenly open his mouth to insult him and said in anger: “Da*n are you sick? Like a mad dog, you bite whoever you catch!”

“I’m fcuking happy!” Morgan said in a cold voice: “Hawade, wait for me, if this thing can pass today, I can’t fcuking spare you!”

“Don’t forget, I’m the eldest son and grandson of the Wade family. Even if the Wade family kneels down and its assets shrink by half, I’m still the eldest son and grandson, you’re still separated from me by Charlie.

Hawade wanted to retort, but after thinking about it, he felt that what Morgan said seemed reasonable, so he couldn’t help but shrink his neck.

At this time, eight buses also drove to the mountain.

The good thing is that when Waderest was first built, a large open platform was made in the middle of the mountain, which is more than enough to park the eight buses.

After the buses stopped, the bus at the head of the row, from the first to come down was the Song family’s, old man.

After that, it was a black dress Warnia.

Warnia’s appearance once again stunned everyone.

Many of them knew Nanako, after all, she had fought and appeared on TV in China before, and was on fire out of the circle in Japan.

However, for Warnia, these Wade family members hardly had any knowledge.

No one expected that a woman from a small place in Aurous Hill could be so beautiful, with a remarkable and incomparable temperament.

Next to get off the car, several subordinates of the Ito family.

The first two subordinates each took a folding wheelchair and opened it immediately after getting off.

After that, several people helped Ito Yuhiko and Tanaka Koichi, who had lost their legs, to get off the car and put them carefully on the wheelchairs.

After they both sat down in the wheelchair, a silhouette came out of the car.

The woman was dressed in a black with white cherry blossom pattern kimono, long hair coiled on top of her head, not only her temperament is gentle and moving, her features are exquisite to impeccable.

Her appearance made everyone on the scene look a little lost.

She is the recognized Yamato Nadeshiko of all Japan, the current head of the Ito family, Nanako Ito!

Nanako’s appearance instantly shocked everyone beyond measure.

Morgan’s eyes were straightened.

He had seen photos of her on the news reports, but never dreamed that this woman would look so beautiful, much more beautiful than in the photos and videos!

This kind of beauty and temperament seen with his own eyes, simply like a fairy out of a painting, so that he felt a strong sense of unreality.

Hawade is also looking dumbfounded, deep inside the envy and jealousy, long ago could not be described in words.

At this time, from the back of these cars, one after another came down more than 200 people, many of them have a firm face, body shape, a look is a practitioner origin.

This makes the Wade family even more relieved.

It is said that the strength of str experts of the Front who came to the country is only about a hundred people, now, one after another to help Charlie, there are more than two hundred people, at least in the formation has a little support.

What’s more, there is still Liona, the first wife of the Su family, when the time can also go from the level of human kindness to let the other side of the net.

So it seems that the chances of surviving this calamity are a bit greater.

At this time, the Song family grandfather and grandson, the Ito family father and daughter, came together in front of Charlie.

The oldest one, Elder Song, spoke first: “Master Wade! I have heard that you are in some trouble, so I have come with the Ito family to do my small part for you!”

Yuhiko also said, “Mr. Wade! All the top ninja of the four great families of Japan are here, no matter what the other party is, they will fight with all their might!”

Yuhiko did not dare to mention the words “Cataclysmic Front” because he was afraid that the ninja’s morale would be affected after hearing that.

And once he said this, almost all of the Wade family members were shocked and excited!

Shocked, they did not expect that the Ito family Yuhiko’s both legs are broken, but still run to China to help Charlie!

More importantly, he also brought the best ninja in Japan.

The strength of the ninja, they had heard of, was basically similar to the domestic martial artists.

Although they did not know, the real strength of these ninjas, probably can equal a few stars martial artists, but one thing is certain is that every one of these ninjas is considered a martial artist.

The strength of more than a hundred ninjas, even if it is not as strong as the Front, is certainly not to be underestimated, it may really be able to fight with them.

Besides, isn’t there still the He family around?

Moreover, there is Ruoli, a long-lost expert, she was able to exterminate the Matsumoto family in Japan, the strength must also be not weak.

The strength of the Song family in Aurous Hill is also significant.