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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3501 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3501 Start

Soon, several SUVs with Aurous Hill license plates drove all the way up from the bottom of the mountain.

Seeing that these cars are all hung with Aurous Hill license plates, Morgan immediately sneered in front of several people around him: “You see I am right, expect this kind of small place from the hangers-on, can play the role, sending us on the path of death is not fcuking enough!

The expressions of several people around are very agreeable, all feel that Charlie at this time, no matter where to bring help from, in front of the Cataclysmic Front, is a mantis.

Several SUVs stopped, the passenger seat of the first car, immediately jumped off a young woman wearing black practice clothes, long ponytail tied high behind her head.

When the Wade family saw this woman, their eyes immediately glared.

Not only because this woman is extremely beautiful and valiant, but also because this woman they have seen!

Because, this was the personal bodyguard who had been following Zynn, the son of the Su family, Ruoli!

Moreover, everyone knew what Ruoli had done in Japan some time ago.

Everyone even knew that she had been arrested in Japan and finally betrayed by Master Su, and her whereabouts were completely unknown.

In Eastcliff at that time, this matter could be said to be very sensational.

But how could they have imagined that she would appear on Waderest Mountain!

Morgan whole person dumbfounded said: “Su …… Ruoli is actually still alive?! In addition, how come? Could she be Charlie’s helper?”

Charlie also did not expect that Ruoli would come over.

He originally thought that when the He family came, it should be Elder He and the other He family children, with Zynn as well as Walter.

But never thought that Ruoli would also come.

When Ruoli saw Charlie, she immediately took a few quick steps to him, clasped her hands, and said, “Mr. Wade, I am here at your service!”

Charlie sighed and said, “If you appear here today, it will bring a lot of trouble if word gets out.”

Ruoli did not care and said, “Don’t care about that! My life was saved by Mr. Wade, at a time like this, naturally, I have to come with liver and brain for Mr. Wade!”

Charlie nodded gently and said indifferently, “After the matter of the Cataclysmic Front is resolved, I will tell everyone who saw you today that whoever dares to leak your information, I, Charlie, will never spare him.”

At this time, Roma and Luther and others, also came down from the car.

When the Wade family saw Luther, each of them was even more shocked.

“Elder He?!” Zhongquan exclaimed in shock and said, “How did you ……”

The He family was originally a martial arts family under the Su family, so Zhongquan naturally knew Luther.

A while ago everyone knew that the He family and the Su family, because of Ruoli’s matter, had some conflicts, and then the He family broke up completely with the Su family.

Immediately after that, news also came from the martial arts field that Luther had officially broken through to become a four-star martial artist, which really did cause a lot of shock in the country at first.

Many people wanted to recruit the He family, but Luther left Desert City and his whereabouts were unknown.

Zhongquan also did not expect that Luther would appear here.

Luther clasped his fist to Elder Wade at this moment and spoke, “Good day, Elder Wade, I have come here, just like my granddaughter, to be at the disposal of Lord Wade!”