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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3491 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3491 Start

“An old acquaintance?!”

Hearing this, Zynn said with an incredulous face, “But I don’t know any Supreme Commander of the Cataclysmic Front at all. …… How could he be my old acquaintance?”

Charlie laughed: “It may not be appropriate to say old acquaintance, I should say it is one of your juniors, and you still have a pretty deep connection.”

“How can ……” Zynn felt very baffled, afraid that Charlie deliberately found a trumped-up charge to toss himself, so he hurriedly spoke:

“Mr. Wade… …I really don’t know any Supreme Commander of the Cataclysmic Front …… Is there any misunderstanding here?”

Charlie shook his head and asked him, “Wasn’t Arthur Wan one of your men back then?”

Zynn did not expect that Charlie would ask about Arthur, who had been dead for twenty years.

He subconsciously said, “Yes …… but Arthur has been dead for twenty years ah …… what does he have to do with the Cataclysmic Front?”

Charlie laughed: “This Cataclysmic Front’s Supreme Commander, is Cataclysmic Front’s son, his name is Joseph Wan, you should still remember, right?”

“What?!” Zynn was struck by lightning as he blurted out, “Joseph he …… he actually became the Supreme Commander of the Cataclysmic Front?!”

“Yes.” Charlie smiled and asked him, “How about it? Hearing this news, do you feel both surprised and excited? Doesn’t it feel as if the gray life has all blossomed into a million lights in this instant?”

Zynn could not help but feel a little panic in his heart when he saw Charlie’s eyes with a bit of playfulness.

Hearing that Joseph was the famous Cataclysmic Front Supreme Commander, he was indeed excited deep inside.

Because his first thought was that he now had the backing of the powerful Cataclysmic Front, and that his freedom would be restored just around the corner!

However, seeing Charlie’s expression without any fear, he couldn’t help but beat the drum in his heart.

In his heart, he thought: “Why is Charlie smiling so strangely? Is he not afraid of the Cataclysmic Front at all?”

Thinking of this, he suddenly looked at Walter beside him and immediately had an answer in his heart!

“How could Charlie be afraid of the Cataclysmic Front …… Cataclysmic Front just lost a commander in his hands, as well as more than 16,000 mercenaries,”

“Walter is so strong, but in front of Charlie also does not have the slightest power to fight, with this strength of Charlie, how else could he put the Cataclysmic Front in his eyes?”

A thought to this, Zynn instantly became quite disillusioned.

It seems that the light of hope just lit up, and then instantly extinguished.

Charlie continued at this time, “You and Joseph, you should not have seen each other for twenty years, right?”

“Yes……” Zynn nodded and spoke, “After his mother committed suicide that year, I wanted to bring him home for adoption, but to my surprise, he had been taken out of the country first, and then I never found him.”

Charlie smiled faintly and said playfully, “Then tomorrow I’ll let you two uncles and nephews meet after 20 years of separation and have a good catch-up!”

Once Zynn heard this, he asked nervously, “Joseph he …… he came to China?”

Charlie nodded and smiled, said: “More than coming to China, but also grew up! Today, he asked people to send more than a hundred coffins to the Wade family,”

“Saying that the Wade family tomorrow morning at eight o’clock must be standing in mourning, welcoming his parents’ coffin moved into the Waderest Mountain, or he will have to destroy the Wade family.”

While speaking Charlie remembered and said: “Oh yes, also asked for my parents’ casket, half of the Wade family assets, you say he is not quite outstanding?”