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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3484 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3484 Start

The girl was relieved and spoke, “It’s good that you can think clearly, hurry up, the plane is already waiting!”

Helena looked at Charlie and said gratefully, “Charlie, thank you for saving my life anyway …… yesterday, and please take care of yourself!”

Just after the words, she was led by the two women and headed for the door.

Charlie suddenly spoke at this time: “Wait!”

The two women were obviously stunned, and the Chinese girl asked, “Does Mr. Wade still think that he doesn’t have enough enemies and wants to go against the Nordic royal family?”

Charlie smiled and nodded, “You’re right! I am not afraid of offending people, the more enemies I have, the more excited I am!”

Saying that, his expression was austere as he asked in a cold voice, “Tell me, that Olivia Princess of yours, where exactly does she want to send Helena to?”

The girl said offhandedly, “This has nothing to do with you! You’d better let us go, otherwise, this matter may rise to a diplomatic incident!”

Charlie smiled and said lightly, “Don’t worry, this matter won’t get out of the Wade family’s door!”

“If you two do not tell the truth, you will never think of leaving, there are so many coffins at the door, you can pick one for yourselves, this young master is in charge of killing and burying!”

The Chinese girl gritted her teeth and said, “You’re so arrogant even after offending the Cataclysmic Front, I am afraid that you’re not afraid of your own life!”

Charlie sneered: “Don’t worry, you will definitely die before me!”

As soon as the words left his mouth, Issac and Orvel, surprisingly, rushed in at a trot.

As soon as he saw Charlie, Orvel blurted out, “Master Wade, Orvel is here at your service!”

Charlie did not expect Orvel to come and asked with a smile, “When did you come?”

Orvel heatedly smiled and respectfully said, “Master Wade, I just arrived, Mr. Issac picked me up at the airport, and we figured that you must be short of people on your side, so I dared to come over to take a look!”

Charlie nodded, pointed to the two women beside Helena, and said indifferently, “Just in time, drag them both out, let them pick a coffin and k!ll them!”

Orvel was stunned for just a second, then immediately blurted out, “Yes Master Wade!”

After saying that, he said to the two women, “Go out by yourself, don’t force me to be violent!”

The Chinese girl’s expression was awe-inspiring, and she said in a cold voice: “Want to k!ll me, it’s not that easy!”

After saying that, she instantly pulled out a dagger, directly towards Orvel!

The girl was a special forces soldier, she was decisive, fast, and accurate.

If it was an ordinary person, under such a sudden attack, it is impossible to dodge.

But Orvel is not an ordinary person.

He has long eaten Charlie’s rejuvenation pills, physical fitness, reaction speed are much stronger than the average person.

So, between lightning and fire, he grabbed the wrist of the opponent holding the dagger.

The girl did not expect that Orvel, a middle-aged man, would have such an agile reaction speed!

Moreover, Orvel’s hand was so strong that she could not move at all after he grabbed her.

Just when she was surprised, Orvel’s hand directly applied a force, only to hear a click, the girl’s wrist should be broken!

“Ah …… my hand!” The girl shouted in pain, but could not break free at all.

Orvel looked at her with contempt and sneered: “Just your kung fu, and you dare to sneak up on me! See if I don’t bleed you out later!”

After that, he coldly roared, “Follow me out to pick the coffin, and I’ll send you both on your way!”

The girl immediately turned pale with fear, and then she looked at Charlie, crying and begging, “Mr. Wade, spare my life! I’ll tell you! I’ll tell you everything!”