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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3480 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3480 Start

The same is true for Zhiyu, who is also the daughter of a large family, who was also anxious after learning the news.

She told her mother Liona about this matter and asked nervously: “Mom, is there any way you can help benefactor in this matter?”

“I’ve checked the situation of that Cataclysmic Front, I’m afraid that Grace is in a bad luck this time ……”

The first time I saw this, I was able to find a way to help my father. Wade family to leave a ray of hope ……”

“Really?” Zhiyu heard about this matter, excitedly asked: “That Arthur Wan, really my father’s people?”

“That’s right.” Liona nodded: “Your father was as kind to the Wan family as a mountain, so to speak.”

“That’s great!” Zhiyu said excitedly, “It just so happens that this time, Grace also wants to bring my dad to Wadrest to make amends for his parents, since my dad was kind to the Wan family,”

“If Grace uses my dad as a condition at that time, he will definitely be able to force Joseph to back off ……”

After saying that, she said with some anxiety, “No, I have to go to Eastcliff for a trip! I’ll be waiting at Wadrest early tomorrow morning, otherwise, in case my father is unwilling to cooperate, I can also persuade him!”

Liona nodded approvingly and said, “Your father indeed did great favors to the Wan family, if your father is really willing to make peace, there should be some room for reconciliation in this matter!”

After saying that, Liona looked at the time and said, “Zhiyu, hurry up and book a flight, mom will go back to Eastcliff with you!”

Zhiyu said: “Mom, you should not go …… It is too dangerous!”

Liona shook her head and said seriously: “For your mom, there is nothing dangerous, the Wan family are more affectionate, and that Joseph often came to visit with his parents when he was a child, he is two or three years older than your brother.”

“So as a child your brother liked to play with him, the two had a very good relationship, seeing me and your father, he was also very respectful, so I believe he can not do anything to me, if He knows your identity, it is also impossible to do anything to you.”

Said, she also lamented: “When the time comes, I will also begged him to show mercy, I believe it will more or less work ……”

Zhiyu then nodded and said, “That’s good …… mom! I’m going to book a flight, let’s go there as soon as possible!”


At the same time, Orvel had also heard about the matter between the Wade family and the Cataclysmic Front.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.

As an ordinary spokesman of the Wade family, Issac was not qualified to go to the Wade family today, but was at the hotel with the other spokesmen, waiting to go to Waderest when the ancestor worship ceremony is held tomorrow.

After he learned about this, he was not very worried.

This was because he, Orvel and Liang, had all seen Charlie’s great divine ability.

In the beginning, under the Changbai Mountain, the situation when Charlie induced the heavenly thunder to split an avalanche and directly took away the Eight Heavenly Kings in one wave was still vivid to them.

Therefore, he did not feel that the Cataclysmic Front would be Charlie’s opponent.

Precisely because he was convinced that Charlie would not lose to the Cataclysmic Front, Issac had been advising the other Wade Family spokesmen who wanted to flee at the hotel, hoping that they would stay and survive with the Wade Family.

However, this kind of persuasion did not have any effect, and many people were afraid that once the Cataclysmic Front became angry, they would not even spare these spokesmen, so they left without greeting each other.

Issac saw that most of the people could not be persuaded, and was cursing these people for their short-sightedness, when he did not expect a phone call from Orvel.

Issac picked up the phone and heard Orvel on the other end of the line say, “Mr. Issac! I heard that someone wants to target Master Wade, did your men in Aurous Hill rush over to support him?”

“In addition, I can still gather at least ten thousand of my men, but I can’t drive there with all my men now!”

Issac said helplessly, “Orvel, do you think the young master’s name of ‘True Dragon Master Wade’ came for nothing? That what Cataclysmic Front tomorrow to dare to go up to the Wadrest mountain.”

“I am afraid the young master’s induction of a heavenly lightning will directly split them to death, which need us two those shrimp soldiers run to support the scene?”

He further said: “Besides, Waderest Mountain is the ancestral tomb of the Wade family, the young master’s parents also rest there, you bring so many punks over, not only can not help, but also disturb the young master’s parents’ peace.”

Orvel heard this, relieved at the same time, also hurriedly agreed to say: “Yes, yes, or Mr. Issac is right! Master Wade has great magical powers, so he really doesn’t need the help of my gang of shrimp and crab soldiers.”

Said, he suddenly remembered something, said: “Why don’t I still bring some people over, in case Master Wade goes on a killing spree,”

“There must be someone to help clean up the corpses or something, maybe a thunderbolt comes down, that Joseph splintered, my men, can also help to converge it.”

Issac laughed: “You can quickly pull back, your men know the young master, in case anyone’s mouth is not strict enough to reveal the true identity of the young master, it will bring young master trouble!”

“If you want to come, just come over and see the world yourself! Qin Gang, Miss Song, Solomon’s side don’t talk nonsense, they don’t know the young master’s identity!”

“Okay!” Orvel said, “Then I’ll go to the airport and take the earliest flight there!”